What's the value of ITIL Expert?

October 13, 2016

A lot of our customers don't know the real value of becoming an ITIL Expert. Any training takes investment in money and, more importantly, time, so we asked our network of ITSM Zone mentors to tell us what ITIL Expert means to them.

ITIL Expert has shaped my approach to consulting, advising, mentoring and applying service management!


Michelle Major-Goldsmith shares her thoughts:  I’ve been an ITIL Expert since the qualification was launched in 2009. This advanced knowledge has shaped my approach to consulting, advising, mentoring and applying service management to ensure that the IT services I am delivering and supporting are aligned to the needs of the business and support its core processes. Below are my ‘5 things’ you need to know about ITIL Expert:

1) The ITIL Expert certificate demonstrates an advanced level of knowledge of service management and achievement of such and within the global job market the qualification is an expectation for a high performing and credible service manager

2) Having extensive knowledge of the ITIL framework and understanding how to practically apply the theory enhances the capability of service managers since the qualification helps support far more than the understanding of the ‘what (to do); it actually supports the development of the how (to do it) capabilities

3) Managing across the Lifecycle (the capstone qualification) allows the service manager to becomes focused on and adept at understanding business perspective, strategy and delivery challenges. Since its role is to create the ability to ‘evaluate’ and ‘create’, it helps the practitioner demonstrate how to use IT as a way to improve, transform and grow a business, as well as create a more efficient working environment

4) ITIL experts become ‘trusted advisors’ to both their IT colleagues and their business customers and users. Experts are equipped to work in a domain far advanced from operational support. Expert practitioners understand and can play a greater role in strategic business decisions; sitting at the top table with the business and able to communicate effectively, using appropriate language to explain how IT results are directly related to business outcomes

5) Studying at the advanced level will bring you far more insight into modern management theory since the syllabus instructs teaching far outside of traditional service management and into business strategy, service provisioning models, organisational change management and how the integration of other best practice methods and approaches can enhance service management skills and practice

ITIL Expert helped me to excite my teams and suppliers!

ITSM Zone mentor Daniel BrestonDaniel Breston said that ITIL Expert:

  • Helped me develop and articulate the WHY of IT
  • Helped me to see the value go Agile merging with ITSM
  • Helped me to derive the value of what we were doing against business metrics
  • Helped me to initiate a way to engage across the pipeline of change
  • Helped me to excite my teams and suppliers to deliver, manage and improve technology

Words of advice from Daniel: turn book learning into real work as soon as possible.  We would strongly support that advice here at ITSM Zone!  One of the great things about studying for ITIL Expert online is that you can study a module, then go back to work and think about applying it before moving on to the next section of the course. With 1 year's access to all of the ITIL Intermediate courses, you can take your time and integrate your learning into your day to day role.

ITIL Experts have the capabilities to understand their IT ecosystem

ITSM Zone mentor Robert Pattacini


 Robert Pattacini shared his views on what ITIL Expert means to him:

 ITIL Expert is a   recognized certification,  and proves the ITIL expert has the capabilities to understand their IT ecosystem.  ITIL Expert is in not only ITIL knowledge, it’s also:

  • Gives knowledge and experience in change management (culture, resistance, organizational change,..)
  • Allows certificate holders to be the ambassador of the design of their client’s needs instead of choosing a technology solution to solve the issues
  • Gives the skills and knowledge to design processes and work instructions
  • Helps to work on program taking into account the four pillars : Governance, Organization, Process and Technology

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2 comments on “What's the value of ITIL Expert?”

  1. I look at the contributors and see well established, recognised industry professionals extolling the virtues of the ITIL Expert. I have no doubt that their comments are valid and based in reality but the truth of the matter is that it is what they have done with the knowledge that counts not what the qualification has done for them.
    Recent experience tells me that there are many ITIL Experts out there who actually have no clear idea what they studied, why they studied it or indeed any understanding of how to apply it in the real world. It has unfortunately become in some cases like the good old MCSE where it doesn't necessarily mean anything and is very much a 'suck it and see' when engaging with someone who holds it

  2. Hi Chris, that's an interesting comment, thank you for contributing. I agree that what you do with ITIL Expert (or after it) counts just as much as getting the certification in the first place. Are there any other certifications you would look for when employing staff?

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