What’s the most cost-effective way to pass my ITIL 4 Foundation?

May 29, 2020

Many professionals recognise the value of having a globally recognized, accredited certification on their CV. A quick look at common Quora / Reddit / Google questions shows that often, people are looking to find the most cost-effective way of certifying.

It is important to note that “cost-effective” is not always the cheapest way to pass an ITIL exam (or indeed any other!). Purchasing the exam only could initially seem like the cheapest way; however, the need for even a single ITIL V4 resit takes the cost of two exams to above that of purchasing a fully accredited training course and exam.

ITSM Zone has always tried to provide the ITIL exams at the lowest possible cost, as part of our commitment to great service for our students. We recognise that passing an exam can be a source of pride to people and that it provides proof that learning has taken place.

Let’s have a look at how you can prepare for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam and compare the possible costs.

  • Just Take the Exam!

You’re experienced! You’ve worked with ITIL for years. A quick look on the world wide web should be all you need, right? WRONG!

It could be that not everything that happens in your workplace is fully aligned with the ITIL framework, especially following the introduction of ITIL 4 in 2019. It could be that the information you find on the internet is incorrect, misleading and just plain wrong. Without accreditation, you have no guarantee

With an ITIL 4 Foundation exam costing $380 (£311) with Peoplecert, this could be an expensive and costly experience. However, if you’re certain this is the way forward for you….

  • Organise some ACCREDITED self- study materials

If you have an awareness of ITIL and some experience, then there are some really good self-study books out there. We’d obviously recommend the ITIL Foundation Essentials book that our MD Claire Agutter wrote. Whichever self-study resource that you decide on, check that it is ACCREDITED. There are plenty of dubious “exam dumps” and “crib notes” available for sale – don’t waste your hard-earned cash!

There are still some potential pit falls with a revision book though. Where do you go if you have questions or need more information? How can you practice taking the exam sessions? How are you testing your learning and understanding?
If you’re certain that this is for you, then you should take the ITIL® Foundation Essentials - ITIL 4 Edition

  • Take an Accredited Training Course

Again, the key here is “accredited”, there are companies out there with cheap offerings, who should not be providing ITIL tuition or training at all and you run the risk of learning incorrect or outdated information. In that case the “cheap” $50 course, with the exam fee, is just a complete waste of your money.

You can take accredited training in a variety of formats:
• eLearning
• Virtual Class
• Classroom Sessions

eLearning tends to be the most cost efficient; these are usually lower priced than classroom courses, and don’t have associated travel or accommodation costs.

Although ITSM Zone don’t offer a pass guarantee or free resit, our pass rates have consistently been in line with, or higher than the global averages. There’s tutor support available and our Mentor+ Training sessions can really help to put your learning into context. Plus, our exams have one of the lowest prices on the market!

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