What’s going on in SIAM? Event Review

On 29 February 2016, the UK chapter of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) hosted a service integration and management (SIAM) day in London.

What is SIAM?

SIAM is a management approach that lets customer organisations get maximum value from multiple service suppliers. For example, an organisation might have a network service provider, an application service provider and a hardware service provider. During a major incident or planning for a change, it can be hard to define who is responsible for what if the suppliers aren’t working in a coordinated way.

SIAM adds a governance and management layer that ensures suppliers work together, and the customer organisation gets maximum value from their services. The SIAM approach can be applied to internal or external service providers.


itSMF UK has a SIAM working group, made of volunteers from many organisations including Syniad, Tata Consultancy Services and CGI.

SIAM is a relatively new area for service management with little defined best practice, and the group works to try and clarify best practice and common ways of working.

Working Group Sessions

The SIAM day was focused around four main areas:

  • Business Case: how is the business case for SIAM defined? There will be a cost associated with implementing SIAM, so what is the expected return on investment?
  • People and change: SIAM can have a significant impact on an organisation’s staff, particularly if jobs are changing or staff are being transferred to a supplier as part of the implementation. What people can change aspects need to be considered to make SIAM successful?
  • Data and tooling: this is a particularly important consideration for SIAM, as suppliers may need to share data to deliver end to end services. What tools are needed, where is data held and who owns the data?
  • Processes: SIAM uses many common ITIL/service management processes, but also adds processes in areas like contract management and business relationship management. The working group is trying to define a comprehensive process set for SIAM.

Event Review

It was very interesting to hear about the progress the group have made so far, particularly in the detailed areas like SIAM processes. SIAM is a less mature area of service management, and getting common definitions in place will certainly help all organisations working in this type of environment.

The group eventually aims to publish a book and accompanying toolkit for SIAM practitioners.

SIAM Special Interest group chair Steve Morgan and itSMF UK CEO Barclay Rae are both part of ITSM Zone’s team mentor, so it was great to catch up with them too. You can see Barclay and Steve in action on our ITSM Crowd youtube channel.

Claire Agutter and Barclay Rae
Claire Agutter and Barclay Rae
Claire Agutter and Steve Morgan
Claire Agutter and Steve Morgan

Are you aware of SIAM? Is it relevant for your organisation? I’d love to hear from you – either in the comments or contact us.

You can also read more about the SIAM group here.

Claire Agutter

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  1. It was good to be involved as one of the presenters and lots of good feedback re the process work I have been involved in
    Richard oliver – SIAM-IT Solutions Ltd

    1. Great to meet you in person too Richard, a fellow OBASHI enthusiast is always welcome!

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