Welcome to Service North 2021!

May 4, 2021

We are delighted to be sponsoring this SIAM focussed event for the fourth year. This year’s conference is virtual, meaning that we’re looking forward to connecting with people from around the world.


Kirsty and Jelena  will be on hand throughout Service North 2021 to chat anything SIAM, training, eLearning or just a chat over a virtual cuppa! Meeting people online, is still meeting people – right?

You can find them both in the networking area.Join the networking area and pull up a seat at the ITSM Zone table

Jelena is the head of customer services and says – “I am really looking forward to this year’s Service North Conference. I believe that it will be a new experience for many of us. This will give people so many new ideas, open new doors, create opportunities, new bonds and friendships. Amazing chance to gather at one place no matter where you currently are.”

Kirsty has worked with ITSM Zone for the past nine years and says “I’m really happy to see Service North returning, it’s always been a favourite conference. The sessions are always interesting and the event has always been really well organised and fun! Looking forward to catching up with familiar faces and making new connections.” 


SIAM is being widely adopted around the globe, with key markets including UK, Scandinavia, Japan and Australia.

It acknowledges and focuses on the specific challenges associated with multi-sourced service delivery model and the issues associated with having a complex web of providers.

SIAM can help to –

·        Reduce management overheads

·        Provide better value – with improved service quality, optimised costs, help to apply consistent governance and the flexibility that is necessary to support changing business requirements

·        Innovate – SIAM canfocus the minds of the providers on improvement and innovation activities

If your organization is struggling to get service providers to work together, or get the right contracts, or see the big picture of it’s supply chain, you need SIAM. The service integrator role adds clarity and hides complexity from the customer organization.

SIAM models include many organizations; the customer, the service integrator and the service providers.  Training your team with the SIAM Foundation will ensure that everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language and understanding and correctly using the terminology. The SIAM Foundation will introduce SIAM practices and techniques that will add immediate value.

Training your team with the SIAM Foundation will ensure that everyone understands the terminology.

They’ll also gain an understanding of –

  • SIAM structures and roadmap
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • SIAM practices and processes and the challenges and risks that organizations face.

SIAM Foundation Training

The ITSM Zone SIAM Foundation Course provides you with easy to absorb lessons that can be fitted around your home and work life. They are on demand, so you can watch the video lessons and read the study guides at times that suit.

There are quizzes and sample exams, and our team are always on hand to help!

Once you’ve completed your training, you can gain a globally recognised certification with the SIAM Foundation Exam.


We are experienced in delivering high quality, eLearning courses. We have helped thousands of people across the world to achieve their learning goals and gain qualifications that make a real difference to their career.

Organisations will benefit from the new SIAM knowledge and skills provided to their teams. We also provide custom solutions for larger organisations and there are always discounts on multi-user training.

Our account managers are on hand to help you organise your training project and will be with you every step of the way. We make sure that we understand your goals, your deadlines and what’s important to you, so that we can best help.

You’ll get any help you need, when you need it! Our support is 24/7, every day of the year.

Get in touch with Kirsty or Jelena in the networking area if you want to discuss training for yourself or your team. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here. 


We run a partner scheme that allows other trainers and organisations to resell our online training. Add the eLearning to your own portfolio to create a passive revenue scheme, or add your own workshops to create your own unique blended program (ideal use of time if you’ve taught a three day class and don’t want to be idle for the rest of the week!)

We’re hosting an information session at 1pm BST on Wednesday 28th April (during the exhibition time). Join us at the ITSM ZONE TABLE where we’ll show you how your own unique training portal will work and answer any of your questions. 

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