Want to spread the cost of your training? Act now – an urgent update for our customers

This is an important announcement for our online training customers about a change to the examination and training rules for all AXELOS products including ITIL and RESILIA.

At ITSM Zone, we know our customers value the flexibility that eLearning offers. Train when you like, where you like, take advantage of the many different course bundles we offer, and purchase your exam when you’re ready and you’ve completed your training.

We have recently received notification from AXELOS and Peoplecert (the owners of ITIL and RESILIA, and the official ITIL and RESILIA examination institute respectively) about an important change that affects the flexibility of the products that we are able to offer.

A partner communication from Peoplecert confirms that “As of 1 November 2019, no training associated with an AXELOS product can be sold without the corresponding official assessment.” Our account managers Marc Barfoot and Antoine Bonenkamp have confirmed that this joint directive from Peoplecert and AXELOS is being communicated out to the training community to allow us to share it with our customers.

Peoplecert continue by saying “We believe that, by ensuring that training is always accompanied by an official examination, we can improve the value of the training for our customers and protect the integrity of our brands.”

In this blog, we aim to answer your questions related to this change and help you to plan ahead and manage your training budget. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

So, this means I can’t buy a training course and then buy the exam later?

That’s correct. As of November 1st, 2019, you will see all training organizations updating their websites and sales material to comply with this new rule. Any websites or training organizations that offer to sell you training without an exam are breaking the rules, and they are very likely to be an unaccredited or fraudulent training provider (often referred to as ‘grey training’, these providers have not had their materials accredited so may not meet the syllabus requirements or prepare you for your exam).

What happens if I fail an exam? Do I need to buy the training twice?

Training organizations will still be allowed to sell you an exam on its own if you need to retake an exam. It’s likely that you will need to provide some kind of evidence to confirm you have already paid for a training course or failed an exam in order for the training organization to comply with the rules.

What happens if I already bought training before November 1st, but I didn’t buy the exam?

If you have already bought training (for example an eLearning package like our online ITIL Expert Program or the Fast Track to ITIL Managing Professional), we can continue to sell you exams. So, if you want to spread the cost of your training and keep the freedom to pay for your exams when you’re ready to take them, we’d recommend you purchase a package before the November 1st deadline.

Taking the ITIL Expert package as an example, this can include 5 or 6 intermediate exams (priced from ITSM Zone at $299, other training organization costs will vary). If you purchase before November 1st 2019, you can spread this cost by buying the exams when you complete each course. If you purchase after this date, you’ll need to pay the full exams costs up front – adding around $1500 to your initial payment.

What about the courses like ITIL Foundation where I don’t need to take a training course?

For courses where training isn’t mandatory before taking the exam, you have the option to purchase an exam voucher directly via Peoplecert. For example, you can purchase ITIL Foundation exam vouchers from Peoplecert as there is no training course required.

If you’re thinking about taking the ITIL Foundation Exam, consider purchasing a voucher from ITSM Zone now. The Peoplecert list price is approx. $365, so if you purchase a voucher from ITSM Zone for $249 before the November 1st deadline, you’ll be saving over $100. Your voucher is valid for 6 months, so you can buy from us now and still have plenty of time to prepare.

What if I need training for my team?

The new rules also apply to bulk purchases of training for teams and organizations. If you’re looking to spread your training spend, you can purchase courses before the November deadline and then purchase exams at a later date.