Using Your Smartphone to Learn

April 11, 2018

“6 Trends Shaping a Future for People in the Workplace” is an article we read this week from Entrepreneur and its predictions about mobile usage mirrored our own analysis in the way that people learn and how that is changing in the digital age.How we consume information has been changing for a number of years.As we become more prolific users of smartphones and tablets. Our need for quick, easily digestible, and segmented information is appealing to our brains that are pulled in many different directions of focus constantly.Key changes and trends are an important consideration for us a training providerWe need to make sure that we engage a student effectively in the ways that they want to learn and provide a meaningful educational experience that supports our commitment to the notion of lifelong learning.Some of the features we offer are mixed media content and interaction with the learning material, through to responsive design and 24/7 helpdesk and support. We recognise that the modern student wants all the technology and convenience at their fingertips but without missing out on the human element of support if it’s needed.Our helpdesk is consistently rated “awesome” by students.Mobile usageThe entrepreneur article highlights the sheer volume of mobile usage and offers up these statistics to prove it’s the king of devices when it comes to accessing the internet.71% of time spent online in the US happens on a mobile device, that figure is 61% in the UK and 91% in Indonesia; mobile penetration is at 84% in Europe, 80% in the US and 66% in Asia Pacific.Mobile friendly overviews are a great tool to decide whether the course you are looking at is right for you before you purchase and you can use your time on the train, bus or when you have a spare half an hour to access this material quickly and easily.VeriSM, Service Management for the digital age

Free VeriSM overviewWe’ve just made VeriSM available in a free overview.You can find out more about the new holistic approach to Service Management in an era of digital transformation and disruption on the link hereWhat else would you like to learn this year? We’d love your feedback on our free VeriSM overview so feel free to get in touch.

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