Training Survey Results: Hot Topics for 2017

January 30, 2017

In December of 2016 we created a survey for IT Professionals with the aim of gathering information about the formal training that people have already taken and what their views on the future of IT Service Management training are.

To ensure that we obtained direct, honest answers, we asked for no personal information, keeping the survey completely anonymous.

This report summarises the survey results, and shows the hot topics for the ITSM training industry in 2017.


Current Certifications


We asked  how many certifications do you already hold?number-of-certifications

Only 11% of respondents held no qualifications relevant to the industry in which they are working. The majority of people held more than one.


Most people (65%) surveyed hold at least one ITIL qualification. Of the students certified in ITIL Foundation, 35% had gone on to higher level ITIL study and almost 20% who had achieved the ITIL Foundation had continued their certifications to Expert level.


Other courses included ISO/IEC20000 Foundation, OBASHI, ITIL Practitioner, Business Analysis, ITAM, Organisational Change Management and ITAM.

 2017 Hot Topics

We asked our respondents what they thought would be the hot topics for 2017, which courses they think would benefit ITSM professionals the most.


Respondents said that they thought that ITIL and Agile Project Management would be the most important training courses to take; 43% of respondents mentioned one or both of these topics.

Business Relationship Management training was also seen as important, 35% of respondents felt that this would be a “hot topic” course and DevOps also featured strongly in the replies we receive, with 34% believing that this is an up and coming area of IT management practice..

Other certifications that were mentioned were SIAM, Cyber Security, Agile Service Management, Lean IT, SCRUM and Business Analysis.

We also asked if our respondents had plans to take any of the training that they had highlighted as being important.


Reasons for Training


We wanted to know the reasons that people decided to make the commitment to gaining new, work related certifications.

ReasonNumber in agreement
Increase Salary33
Learn New Ways of Working58
Access New Jobs46
Employer Requirement16
For CPD Points7

Other motives that people offered for taking certification courses were:

  • Self-development
  • Fun
  • Improve myself at work
  • To become a leader
  • Knowledge increase is vital
  • Personal growth
  • Better understanding of my job
  • To stay up to date and current

It was great to see that the main reasons that people plan for new qualifications were based around improving their own salary, knowledge or career prospects, rather than only participating because they had been instructed to do so by their employer.

Barriers to Training

We asked people the reasons that they don’t do the training that they want to do.

The main reasons that we were given were based on lack of funding or costs being too high; not because of the lack of motivation.


Other reasons that people gave us related to the actual training itself. One respondent who had expressed an interest in studying to ITIL Expert said that they were concerned that taking part in the training may not fully equip them with the practical knowledge to be applied in the workplace and that on the job training may be preferable.

Finally, we tried to determine what may help students to make a purchasing decision about their courses and asked them if the following were important to them –

66% said that access to quality content (blogs, articles etc) outside of the training materials is important

45% agree that access to industry or topic experts is important

61% feel that access to online content such as webinars and hangouts is important

58% agree that access to free resources is important

56% agree that easy access to the course or materials is important

65% said that value for money is important

40% agree that 24/7 support is important

Other factors that people feel are important are

  • Real world business examples to help with understanding
  • Content that I can keep
  • Quality real world content that also addresses assessment requirements in detail

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