Think like a millennial: How to embrace eLearning?

May 4, 2021

A couple of days ago I had a lunch with my 26 year old cousin who likes to call herself a millennial. In fact, she is so proud of the generation she belongs to, saying that this generation is the one that brought changes. Better educated – a factor tied to employment and financial well-being, a generation that brought more racial and ethnic diversity around the globe, independent and politically more correct.

First, let me say that according to Google I am a millennial as well (born 1988). But no matter which generation I belong to, I still think that I am a “mix” between millennials and prior generations.

Anyway, the conversation that I had with my cousin got me thinking about one thing – education. How hers/mine education and the one that got prior generations are different?

My education through college, academic school and masters was classroom-based. Hers was a mixed one.  Even though I work in the eLearning industry, she got to eLearning before I did.

Her first online class was in graphic design, and she attended it when she was 20 years old. Mine on the other hand was just 3 years ago – and it was about public relations. I remember the dilemma that I had before taking it – will I be able to finish the class, will I be able to study from home and will I be disciplined? But after I started the course I enjoyed the process and the freedom that I had while I was studying.

According to the PEW Research center, some 63% of Millennials value a college education and plan to get one. Of that number, 19% have already graduated from college and the remaining 44% plan to graduate from college. Some 27% of Millennial females and 21% of Millennial males have college degrees. This is in stark contrast to only 20% of Gen X females (born between the mid-1960s and the early-1980s) and 18% of Gen X males. An even further contrast is the comparison to the Baby Boomers of whom only 14% of females and 17% of males have degrees. Not only are Millennials the most educated, but they are continuing the Gen X trend of more women earning degrees than men.

I have now worked for 2 years in the eLearning industry, but that is more than enough time to understand that eLearning is here to stay!

Which brings me to what I want to discuss and write about. How to be motivated as a millennial? How to embrace eLearning as they (we) are?

Here is a a sneak peek at the millennials answer to the question “Why do we prefer eLearning?” 

Millennials are cost effective, are you?

Education in most of the occasions means students loans which leads to one thing – millennials are very savvy about their education choices. Millennials view education as an expense unless it is going to lead them to an outcome they are actively seeking to achieve.

Undoubtedly eLearning is more cost effective as comparative to classroom teaching.

eLearning does not require learners to travel to be in the same place or invest in special equipment and learning resources for each module of their course. Training time and travel is reduced with additional savings on course materials and accommodation.

Cost effective is one of the reasons why we choose eLearning certification.

Millennials follow trends

The recent, rapid increase in working from home has pushed many employers to focus on remote training and development. Although online learning has shown significant growth over the last 10 years, the pandemic has inspired a more significant change – online learning has become the first choice for training and development.

Research suggests that online learning is the future of education – allowing increased retention of information, less time out of the office, and better value and return on investment.

Millennials like the new way of working more than prior generations. But no matter the generation you belong to, our everyday life requires more flexibility and getting used to the intersect of technology, work and education.

And this mix is something that you will get for eLearning platforms. Online courses provide highly personalized, engaging and flexible learning opportunities that people crave. These types of creative training courses can be accessed from wherever students choose, whenever they want to learn.

And if eLearning is new for you, click the button below for a sneak peek into our learner experience.

Millennials grew up with technology, but Gen Xers are embracing it!

Computers reached the average consumer in the mid-1990s. I remember the day perfectly when my parents bought me a computer. I was around 10 years old and the minute I saw it I knew it – this device will change our everyday life. And I was right – I grew up with a computer. I remember how easily I adapt from cassette tapes to CDs to MP3s to now streaming music, and from mobile phone to smartphone and how comfortable I was with technology in general. But as well I remember how my parents were struggling.

Millennials are used to big technological changes and adapt quickly to updates. For them (me) technology is essential and that’s why the transition to online learning is not difficult.

But the ones that embrace the technology are the Gen Xers. By 2020, 100 million smartphone users are age 45 and over, meaning mobile marketing and social media are not just mediums to reach young people, but important ways to connect with all generations.

 eLearning platforms now include multimedia and interactive content, technology we are already familiar with and which will provide us with more engaging eLearning experience.

Millennials take risks, are you?

This generation is more willing to experiment with career choices. 2021 may bring some changes in our thinking about hiring employees. Remote working does not mean working from home but working from anywhere. With this in mind, a lot of organizations will look for high-quality employees regardless of location.

The pandemic has proved that a workplace is not a building. It is the space that enables our best work. This brings a new era of managing a global workspace, where you do not have to be a resident in order to fit the job. No matter the generation, the only thing that you need to fit the job is skills. And changing careers requires a lot of skill development.Is a work-from-home policy (still) productive?

Millennials are flexible, are you?

Millennials like to choose what/when/how/how much and what device they use for learning. But nowadays flexibility is something that we all should embrace!

ITSM Zone courses are designed to take into account modern learner trends and the needs and habits of our learners. Our courses allow you to dip in and out of your studies as your time allows.

The design of our courses allows them to be taken anywhere in the world either on PCs, or mobile devices at any time, day or night. 

New digital challenges 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and many other technology shifts have affected the whole organization, creating a need for new skills. Requirements such as programming, web and app development, digital design, digital project management, digital marketing etc.

With that in mind, millennials are well aware that organisations will be in the need of people who can undertake these challenges. eLearning platforms were and still are the first in the digital skills game – there are plenty of online courses that focus on digital skills.

Taking all this into consideration, I can say that in today’s world is important to have an education that combines digital media, interaction, engagement, flexibility and feedback. And this is the kind of learning that we as a company offer with our online courses.

We develop inclusive and engaging learning by creating courses that are mixture of interactions, cartoons, video, real-world examples and quizzes.

And most importantly we know our learners! We’ve listened to your feedback over many years, and one of things you’ve asked for is interaction. And we deliver…

No matter which training you decide to take with us, we always make sure you have additional free resources that can complement your training.

About the author

Ivana Trajkovska

Ivana Trajkovska is a passionate marketing professional with a flair for design and online/offline platforms.

As a marketing executive her role is to oversee many aspects of a campaign throughout the entire lifespan of a product, service or idea. Her goal is to make sure that our customers are kept up to date with new products and the latest industry news.

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