The ITSM Crowd Episode 14 – Challenging the ITSM Orthodoxy

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Where is IT service management headed?  In this episode, we cover trichromatic ITSM and the increasing need for autonomy.

In episode 14 of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter was joined by Peter Johnson from CXI. Peter is blending his IT experience with his background in psychology to look at what really makes a successful IT capability.  The trichromatic approach blends an organisation’s values, autonomy and control to deliver a service that truly meets business needs.

If you’ve ever stopped to wonder about where ITSM is headed, this is the episode for you.

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  1. A small correction folks – it’s not the organisation’s values that we’re interested in, it’s the values of each individual who works in the organisation. The two are very different.

    An organisation’s values can be set by those at the top and not be shared by the people who work within the enterprise. An individual’s values are the stuff the carry around with them all the time – at work and at play.

    See: for more

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