The ITSM Crowd Episode 12 - Getting Value from Multiple Frameworks

March 23, 2016

How do businesses know what IT service management frameworks and standards to use?  The ITSM Crowd discuss this difficult topic

In episode 12 of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter was joined by ITSM gurus from Europe and Australia.  All part of ITSM Zone's team mentor, Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Stuart Rance, Simone Moore, Steve Morgan and Simon Dorst have a wealth of experience and shared their views about how organisations can get value from using multiple IT service management frameworks, standards and methods.

Highlights included the concept of the 'framework cocktail' (thanks Simone!) and how all of our service management efforts must be driven from the top down.  If we can understand the outcomes we want to acheive, this will really help us to identify the tools we need.

On March 30th we'll be talking about organisational capabilities at 7am UK time, and then challenging the ITSM Orthodoxy at 9am UK time.  See you then!

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