The Future of Service Management?

March 18, 2019

Michael Green is the Vice President of Nelson Frank. He's given us some brief thoughts on how cloud based services are growing at an exceptional rate and are becoming more in demand. Take a moment to complete their salary survey and share your views with the ServiceNow ecosystem

Times of Change

As more and more companies embrace the digital revolution, with lives and industry both becoming more reliant on technology,  the importance of ITSM grows. Gartner predicted global IT spending to reach $3.7 trillion in 2018, which was the company’s biggest growth forecast since 2007.

While they envisaged more spending in 2019, it was at a slower growth rate than the previous two years. Except in IT Services. Because as companies become more reliant on technology, it’s an even bigger necessity that it works, ITSM is continuing to develop and expand. Time is money and having an efficient backup system for when things go wrong is critical.

So as businesses focus on and continue to invest in ITSM solutions, the need for the best talent possible will inevitably grow as well. Cloud-based ITSM services are one of the sector’s fastest expanding markets, which means that staff trained in platforms such as ServiceNow will become more and more in demand.

The Cloud War is certainly proving disruptive in terms of traditional tech firms. ServiceNow seems to be indicative of the market and has witnessed phenomenal growth, with a revenue market share that is double its nearest competitor. Having witnessed year-on-year growth of over 30% for several years, the company is already planning how to get its current $2.6 billion annual revenue up to $10 billion.

Like most companies operating in this competitive market space, ServiceNow has already increased the amount of services it can offer customers, using acquisitions that are able to complement its ITSM product such as DxContinuum and Qlue. While they aren’t major factors behind its growth on their own, the fact that ServiceNow is willing to spend money where it will improve performance bodes well for the future.

The Nelson Frank Salary Survey 2019

Customer retention rates have been very high for the last few years, and we want to find out if that same satisfaction is reflected within the end user community. Most previous surveys have focused on a general IT or ITSM overview, this new survey is the first to look specifically at ServiceNow.

Nelson Frank is a company that specializes in ServiceNow recruitment, and it feels like an important time to take a snapshot of the technology and how the community feels about it. While there’s a lot more to the platform beyond ITSM, we want to get a wide range of views from those using ServiceNow. Whether it’s to be used for bench marking salaries or simply finding out how peers feel about the platform, this promises to become a valuable industry resource.

It will take less than ten minutes to complete, and those who do will be entered into a prize draw for a $500 Amazon gift card to say thank you. The survey closes on 29 March, 2019, and results will be compiled to launch in May.

About the Author

Michael Green is the Vice President of Nelson Frank, a leading recruitment consultancy that specializes in ServiceNow® recruitment

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