Student Success Story - OBASHI & ISO20000

May 8, 2015

Why did you decide to take the OBASHI training?

If fact, I was hesitating to go or no go with OBASHI as I have heard no one hears about it, well, this was the same reason why I have chosen to go for it, as long as it adds one extra piece in the ITSM puzzle.

I have been through the introductory and read a little about it, and then I noticed that, indeed we need such a modeling method.

Why did you choose online training?

I am more comfortable with the online training as it gives me the flexibility I need to pick the right day/time/location. No driving to venues, no begging to get out early from the office, and I can still discuss with tutor via email.

What did you find interesting about OBASHI?

The “Big Picture” concept, it was exactly what we need to unify the way of looking into IT either from top to down or down to top.

How does it fit with other subjects like ITIL that you’re familiar with?

OBASHI provides a better insight on how to look at IT/Customer assets from data analyses perspective. It also acts as a prediction tool for the continual improvement of the services and related services and underlying components.

Have you used OBASHI in your role, or do you plan to?

On December 2014, I will be holding an open session sponsored by the Saudi Council of Engineers called “Introduction to OBASHI”, we will be inviting top management to promote the idea and increase their buy-in to such modeling method.

Why did you decide to take the ISO20000 training?

Companies in Saudi Arabia are increasingly looking to provide better services to their customers, and ISO 20000 is a very good asset that relief the prospects. I as an IT Consultant, have to have a clear picture of ISO 20000, and help companies to be prepared to get certified.

What did you find interesting about ISO20000?

Defining the proper model on how to manage the ITSM system, the implementation it self is really not enough, and here comes the ISO 20000.

How does it fit with other subjects like ITIL that you’re familiar with?

ISO 20000, complement ITIL by providing a well defined system for managing the service management, it is another level of improvement using regular reviews and continual improvement on the overall ITSM not only the services.

Have you used ISO20000 in your role, or do you plan to?

Yes it is part of my job already.

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