RESILIA: Seeing the Benefits

Cyber Security

ITSM Zone were really pleased to be able to provide RESILIA training to the staff of Process Flows, a leading provider of solutions that improve business processes and communications, who are featured in a recent case study by AXELOS. It was great to hear that IT manager, John Freckelton, started seeing the benefits of the training very quickly.

Cyber Attacks

Process Flows had suffered from a number of cyber attacks in the previous 12 months and were keen to implement RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practice.

As a result of completing the training, John advises that –

  • More restrictive policies are in place…internal helpdesk calls have reduced by approximately 25% as a result.
  • Security alerts that require manual investigation by the IT helpdesk have dropped by around 30%
  • Administrative access to IT systems has been reviewed and revoked for a number of non-essential technical staff
  • Maintenance is now better planned and documented with the systems being more stable and reliable for end users as a result
  • Project management meetings with the board have become more formal and better structured

To view the full case study, please visit the AXELOS site where you can find more information on how RESILIA was adopted and implemented and the benefits of this certification and training.

More information on the available RESILIA courses can be found here, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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