Putting the Ops in DevOps

April 15, 2016

Following my recent presentation at Leeds DevOps, I was delighted to be invited to attend the next Sheffield DevOps meet up and share some thoughts on DevOps and ITIL with the attendees there.

If you’d like to discuss DevOps and ITIL or have a view on how they work together, please let me know in the comments or get in touch.

Claire Agutter

Session 1: Automated Deployment of Infrastructure to Microsoft Azure

The first session at the event was by Marcus Robinson, a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft. He addressed how inconsistencies in infrastructure configuration in the release pipeline can lead to unforeseen issues in live. His session addressed key points like why a consistent infrastructure environment is vital in enabling continuous delivery and reducing unplanned work.

The focus was on three key DevOps practices - Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management and Release Management.

A live demonstration included Azure Resource Manager Templates, PowerShell Desired State Configuration and Azure Automation DSC, Visual Studio Team Services Release Management.

Even to a 'non-techie' like me the benefits and possibilities were very clear.

Marcus Robinson at DevOps Sheffield

Marcus Robinson at DevOps Sheffield

Session 2: Putting the Ops in DevOps

In my session I looked at how organisations who have already invested large amounts of time and money into frameworks like ITIL can get DevOps benefits without throwing away everything that exists already.

I looked at the '3 ways' of DevOps defined in the Phoenix Project and suggested some existing IT service management processes and capabilities that might support them.

For example, if the 2nd way of DevOps relates to feedback and understanding our customers, can  processes like business relationship management and service level management provide some information?

We had a great Q&A session at the end including considering why the gap between ITIL and DevOps exists.

DevOps Community

I'd like to thank the DevOps Sheffield organisers for inviting me, and the session attendees for making me feel so welcome.

If you'd like to learn more about DevOps or start driving culture change in your own organisation, take a look at our DevOps and Agile Service Management guides.

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