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January 29, 2021

During November 2020, we conducted a Survey to look at the attitude to learning that individuals and organizations have.

You can see the survey results below, or you can download a copy of them here.Download your free copy

The effect of Covid-19 on training and development cannot be ignored or denied; in the 2019 survey, we saw that 33% of organizations provided accredited / certification eLearning to their employees. This year’s respondents have advised that this would now actually be their preferred learning format. For many, this allows them to receive training from the comfort and safety of their own home. However, we would also like to think that advances in technology and the quality of eLearning that is on offer also had a bearing on the results.

Only 19% of respondents received the training that they had planned for 2020, the rest saw their plans affected by Covid-19. Interestingly, the results were almost equally split between those who received more training and those who received less training! There would have been an immediate demand for training on the use of some tools to support remote working, and an immediate cancellation for those who had classroom courses booked.

People who answered the survey advised that the biggest consideration when making decisions on training is the cost. It’s important to consider the impact of training when evaluating which course(s) to purchase or utilise. A cheaper course that doesn’t meet the needs of the learners or the organization will deliver much less value and fewer benefits than a more expensive option that will help employees perform better in their roles.

Digital Skills are a hot topic, with 79% of respondents believing that Covid-19 has highlighted a need for more training and development in this area.

Enjoy the survey results!

Training & Development Survey, Published January 2021

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