November 10, 2022

Our latest eLearning course has arrived - the Quality Private Data Course is live!

Every company moving into the digital world depends upon data, including person-level data and business sensitive data. The need to ensure high-quality, accurate data analysis is essential for innovation, cost containment and efficiencies, but it must be balanced with the responsibility for protecting privacy and building and maintaining public and consumer trust. The Quality Private Data course delivers the core understanding of how to achieve this balance.

Quality Private Data is a course designed to help you address data dilemmas, including how to access and maximise use of high utility data whilst ensuring privacy compliance.

This course does not require any existing knowledge. On completion of the course, students will be awarded with a Digital Badge (supported by EXIN) to show your data professional capability development.

What are the benefits of taking the ITSM Zone eLearning course for Quality Private Data?

Using the Quality Private Data solution delivers a context and confidence to companies dealing with person-level data and business sensitive data, to get the most from their data assets.

It is a core part of a corporation’s strategy to increase the public-trust that data is being used in a well-informed and private manner, as well as to increase the ability to gain and retain access to appropriate data.

QPD supports the increased ability to generate high-quality analytical outputs whilst maintaining privacy-compliance and so get the most from data driven insight within the organisation.

QPD delivers increased awareness of how to protect against the chance of a personal-data breach and or loss of confidential business sensitive data. This awareness brings increased public and consumer trust and ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

The associated Digital Badge (supported by EXIN) is seen as core to data professional capability development.

The course covers the following 5 main modules:

  • Data and Compliance
  • Understanding the identification and loss of utility risks
  • Know the causes of these risks
  • Mitigating these risks
  • Understanding your data environment & how to ring it all together

This course is offered in partnership with In The Know who are experts in all things Data!

Start your Training today for $599!

Start your Quality Private Data training with 365 days online access for $599!

What’s included?

  • Learn at your own pace
  • 365 days online access
  • Created by industry experts
  • Video lessons and downloads included
  • Tutor support
  • 24/7 helpdesk
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