Our Latest Course Is Launched In Partnership With DevOpsGroup – An Award-Winning DevOps and Cloud Consultancy Organization Based in Cardiff, UK.

July 9, 2019

We’re excited to announce that ITSM Zone and DevOpsGroup have partnered to launch the online training course: BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps. The course provides up to date material developed from intensive research and real-world experience from DevOps practitioners.
The BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps promotes technology-agnostic learning and focuses on core DevOps values. It provides a core understanding of fundamental DevOps values, practices and techniques, helping you to move towards improved workflows and faster deployments.
‘’At ITSM Zone we’re always looking for new courses to help our customers increase their skills and support their careers. We’ve seen interest in DevOps and Agile ways of working grow and it’s important for us to provide training to support these topics. We are very happy to partner with the DevOpsGroup and their Academy on the Foundation Certificate in DevOps. Based on their experience and consultancy work, the syllabus includes the history of DevOps, principles, techniques, the importance of culture and much more. Combined with our eLearning experience, we’ve built a course that will help anyone get started on their DevOps journey,’’ ITSM Zone’s CEO, Claire Agutter.

Why study DevOps?

With average salaries for DevOps engineers at $85,000 and rising fast, an understanding of the principles and key concepts of DevOps is a valuable addition to your resume. Our training course also includes summaries of key DevOps roles, helping you to target the next step in your career.
More and more organizations are applying DevOps thinking to support their digital transformation programs, making DevOps a must have skill.
‘’The development of the BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps helped us to satisfy a growing demand from our community of IT professionals. As more and more organizations use DevOps, they need a training course that will introduce key concepts and provide a common language and foundation for their staff. Adding an eLearning channel to this product will allow it to grow globally,’’ Cheryl Cumberworth, Product and Standards Director at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

Foundation Certificate in DevOps

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We’ve got the right course for your career

Anyone taking the course will be introduced to our new ‘multi-level’ learning concept, storytelling, exercises and real-world examples. They can progress to take the exam accredited by BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT. Our latest course format is based on education best practices for eLearning and includes:

  • Speed control – traditional narration can be too fast for non-native English speakers and too slow for some of our learners. Our latest courses put you in control of the speed of your learning, allowing you to set the pace
  • Multi-level content – eLearning is created for a broad range of learners, from experts to novices. Using multi-level content allows us to put definitions and detail behind a link. If you want to know more, you can click the link, but if you’re already up to speed, you can just move on
  • Storytelling – in addition to theoretical content, we’ve got short cartoons to give you a break and bring concepts to life
  • Real world examples – we provide links to news stories and case studies so that you can read more about a concept, but again, you can choose how much content you consume
  • Interactions and quizzes – no more snoozing off while a presenter talks at you, our eLearning requires your constant attention and uses quiz questions along the way to make sure those key concepts are going in
  • ‘Less than 10’ – our lessons are designed to last no more than 10 minutes, allowing you to study in manageable sections around your busy schedule.

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