Organizational Structure and the Roles Within ISO/IEC 20000

April 13, 2015

Many people ask about the roles required by the ISO/IEC standards. It is stated strongly that the standard does not indicate an organizational structure, but more indicates the requirements of the the roles within the company. However, it requires at times to specification of the authorities and responsibilities without specifying the term role.

Here are some of the definitions from ISO/IEC 2000.

The various roles of an organization are divided on 3 main clauses of ISO/IEC 2000 and they are Customer,service provider and other parties.

Customer: A customer is defined as an organization or part of an organization that receives a service.To a service provider a customer may be concluded as internal or external according to it.

Interested party: Interested parties are the customers and some examples of them were marketing department and suppliers.

Internal Group: It is a part of service provider’s organization that enters into documented agreement.

Organization: An organization is precisely defined as group of people’s and facilities with an arrangement of responsibilities and authorities

Supplier: It is defined as an organization or part of an organization that is external to the service provider’s organization.A supplier contributes to the design,transition,deliver and improvement of a service.

Top management: It is defined as person or group of people who direct and control the service provided to the highest level.

The other non defined roles required for ISO/IEC 2000 are management representative,process owner,process manager,service owner,internal auditor,business relationship manager,supplier manager.These non defined roles represents the various clause of ISO/IEC 2000.

Each roles of an organization is a vital source for the use ISO/IEC 2000 and so these roles has to be implemented well in terms of responsibility and authority of the organization.By managing these roles and organizational structure it is easy to handle ISO/IEC 2000.

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