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If you want to learn about emerging practices in IT, Foundations for Professionals Cutting Edge is the package for you

  • Take one full year to learn about DevOps, RESILIA and OBASHI and their benefits for organisations
  • Learn about how development and operations teams can work more closely together
  • Learn about how to map business processes and understand their supporting IT assets
  • Learn new skills and approaches for designing and improving IT services across the lifecycle
  • Get all the usual ITSM Zone benefits, including 24×7 tutor and technical support

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  • FFP Package 1 - (Cutting Edge) includes DevOps, RESILIA & OBASHI Foundation Courses

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About the courses

DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals. DevOps is a new approach to IT lifecycle management, developed by the IT community. Learn more here

RESILIA is a set of cyber resilience best practices for organisations. Cyber resilience allows an organisation to resist, respond to and recover from attacks on their information and assets. Learn more here

OBASHI helps organisations understand their business processes and supporting IT by mapping how data flows between assets including people, processes and technology. You’ll learn how the inter-dependency between assets affects your organisation. Learn more here