Online Exams – How do they work?

April 13, 2015

There are a lot of myths surrounding the security of taking an exam online. We’ve spoken to Loyalist Certification Services, who provide the online examinations for our ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 courses.

Here are facts that will help guide you in making the correct decision for both the exam taker and your organization.

Security Measures

Live Auditing for 100% of the exam session
The proctor watches the exam session the entire time. Monitoring of keystrokes and eye movements are among the methods used to ensure security. By making sure that the exam candidate doesn’t have the opportunity to refer to their study notes, the integrity of the certifications are protected.
Ratio of 4:1
An LCS proctor only watches 4 candidates at a time. This is the lowest average in the business. Four is the absolute maximum number and in many instances it can be less than four. This means that students have easy access to the proctor and can ask questions and seek clarification if the instructions aren’t clear, or if they are experiencing difficulties during the exam.
100% Recording of all activities
This is the most comprehensive approach throughout the industry. The LCS process records:
• learner’s computer
• physical exam space (both audio and video)
• proctor/learner communication

Again, this ensures that the students taking the exams have to be doing so honestly! This keeps the certifications genuine and respected within the industry.
Exam Suspension Option
Loyalist’s technology records what is happening on the learner’s computer and records the applications running. This ensures if for some reason the session is suspended the proctor is able to also suspend access to the exam.

The LIVE Proctored exams require Government photo identification.

Live auditing & intervention is an important aspect to delivering online exams. LCS auditors, supervisors, management, etc. can, at any time, join proctored sessions to view student activity. All the technologies used allow such access, in real time. Again, this ensures a quality examination experience for the student as the regular monitoring and session checks take place to ensure this.
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