Spotlight on Process Improvement Course

This short course will help you to understand how to improve the processes in your organization to make them more efficient, responsive and customer focused.

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​course ​​Overview

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    ​Study online at your own pace
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    30 or 60 days online access
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    Includes videos and a study guide – yours to keep
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    Learn the essentials of Process Improvement

Course Contents

This introduction level course will offer you a general understanding of the process that you use and the link between them and the business objectives.


​3 easy to absorb lessons

​Includes video tutorials & study guide

Study duration: 8 hour

Lessons in this training

  • Lesson 1: Introducing the link between processes and business objectives and the differences between choosing to Refine, Re-engineer or Rethink a process.
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    Lesson 2: Understanding process interactions to help you gain clarity in identifying improvement opportunities within a process.
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    Lesson 3: Learn how to embed your new way of working for sustained success

Course Pre-requisites

  • ​This course does not require any existing knowledge of Process Improvement


​​Spotlight on ​Process Improvement

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    ​30 Days Online Access
    30 Days Online Access

USD $39

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    ​60 Days Online Access
    30 Days Online Access

USD $59

​Team Training

​Spotlight on ​Process Improvement for teams

Book training for 3 or more people and receive:

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    ​Extended study periods available
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Who's it for

This online Process Improvement course is suitable for anyone who owns, manages or implements service management processes, including service managers, process owners, process analysts, service analysts and service delivery managers.

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