VeriSM™ Training Courses

Traditional ITSM methodologies add immense value – but they are simply not sufficient anymore to meet the demands, challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation. Almost all organizations are already using other frameworks or best practices next to ITSM. A new approach has been created to bring all of these things together; helping organizations to make sense of it all and combining these practices to add value.


VeriSM acknowledges the value of what has gone before, and provides you with an up-to-date approach to Service Management to make sure you are ready for Digital Transformation.
VeriSM isn’t about blindly following best practice….it is about creating the model that best fits your organization and facilitating a tailored approach.

The VeriSM training & certification scheme is on three levels:

VeriSM Foundation Course

VeriSM Foundation: the introductory level covering the terminology and basic concepts. The Foundation level is also split up into Essentials, covering the basic model and service management principles, and Plus, covering the progressive practices. These can also be taken as separate certifications.

VeriSM Essentials Course

This Essentials course will give a basic understanding of service management, culture and organisational structure using the VeriSM model.

VeriSM Plus Course

VeriSM Plus provides an introduction to the new management practices (DevOps, Agile, Lean, SIAM etc.) that are important for service management, and also emerging technologies like cloud and serverless that service management professionals need to be aware of.

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About VeriSM

  • ​A Value-driven approach, as it looks at Service Management from an end-to-end business perspective.
  • ​Evolving, as it is an up-to-date approach which will continue to evolve as new practices and technologies emerge.
  • Responsive, as it facilitates a tailored approach by helping you define the management mesh most suited to your organization.
  • Integrated, as it helps you make sense of all of the different practices and understand how they can fit together to add value.

VeriSM Free Resources

VeriSM on a Page

VeriSM on a page is a new resource, designed to give you an overview of the VeriSM approach in a single glance. As with all of our downloads, this can be downloaded and printed so that you always have it to hand