COBIT5® Foundation Course


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to COBIT 5. COBIT 5 Foundation certificate holders can understand the governance and management of enterprise IT, create awareness at senior levels and decide which elements of COBIT will benefit their organisation.

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​course ​​Overview


COBIT Foundation certification at your own pace!

30 or 60 days online access

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Course Contents


easy to absorb modules covering terminology, structure, concepts and value

Includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes

Study duration: 18 hours

Lessons in this training

  • Course Introduction
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    Module 1: Overview and key features
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    Module 2: Principles
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    Module 3: Enablers
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    Module 4: Implementation
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    Module 5: Process capability assessment model
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    Module 6: Exam preparation

Course Samples


Course Pre-requisites

  • This course does not require any existing knowledge of COBIT 5
  • There are no mandatory pre-requisites for the exam

COBIT Foundation Exam Details

Exam duration:
40 minutes

Exam format:
closed book, multiple choice

Exam delivery:
online, webcam proctored. Read about online exams here

Exam pass mark:
50% (25/50 questions)

Exam language:
extra time is available for non-native English speakers.

Exam vouchers sold separately to training unless you choose the recommended package


COBIT Foundation Course

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COBIT Foundation Exam

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    30 Days Online Access
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Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning
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