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COBIT 5 provides a rigorous, experience-based means of relating day to day IT activity to enterprise goals and stakeholder needs.

This allows IT activity to be evaluated in relation to enterprise objectives and improvements to be identified. It also permits the contribution of IT to the enterprise to be demonstrated.COBIT 5 builds upon the existing COBIT framework and integrates with other recognized frameworks and bodies of knowledge. For example: Risk IT; Val IT; ITIL.

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Get a quick introduction to ITIL and service management essentials with ITIL Lite.
Based around a real world financial services case study, this course is suitable for technical, business and executive personnel.


COBIT 5 is based on five key principles:

  • ​Principle 1: Meeting Stakeholder Needs
    Principle 1: Meeting Stakeholder Needs
  • ​Principle 2: Covering the Enterprise End-to- End
    Principle 2: Covering the Enterprise End-to- End
  • ​Principle 3: Applying a Single, Integrated Framework
    Principle 3: Applying a Single, Integrated Framework
  • ​Principle 4: Enabling a Holistic Approach
    Principle 4: Enabling a Holistic Approach
  • ​Principle 5: Separating Governance From Management
    Principle 5: Separating Governance From Management

COBIT 5 identifies and describes seven aspects that are necessary for the successful governance and management of enterprise IT.

It calls these enablers, and they are:

  • ​Principles, policies and frameworks
    Principles, policies and frameworks
  • ​Processes
  • ​Organizational structures
    Organizational structures
  • ​Culture, ethics and behavior
    Culture, ethics and behavior
  • ​Information
  • ​Services, infrastructure and applications
    Services, infrastructure and applications

  • ​People, skills and competencies
    People, skills and competencies

The COBIT 5 Foundation, COBIT 5 Implementation and COBIT 5 Assessor courses and exams are currently available.

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​COBIT at a Glance - Free Download

Learn the basics of COBIT with our handy, downloadable At a Glance sheet. The PDF shows key information about the standard and summarises the procesess involved in the service management system.

Useful to print out and display in your study area if you’re taking the COBIT Foundation exam, or share with your team if your organisation is working towards the standard.

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