Foundation in Business Analysis

This course will provide you with an understanding of business analysis, including the role and competencies of a Business Analyst, investigation techniques, how to categorise, analyse and manage stakeholders and model business processes, how to make a business and financial case and how to establish, document and model requirements

The online Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) course allows delegates to understand the BRM role and create awareness of it in their organisation. They will also be able to look at current relationships in their business and identify where improvements can be made.  Our training package includes the online course + the BRM Professional exam.

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​course ​​Overview


Get Business Analyst certification at your own pace

Get BRM Foundation qualified at your own pace

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Course Contents


easy to absorb lessons covering strategy analysis, investigation techniques, modelling business processes and more.

terminology, principles, themes and exam preparation

Includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes

Study duration: 13 hours

Lessons in this training

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Business Analysis
    Course Introduction
    Module 1: An overview of BRM
    Module 2: Strategic partnering
    Module 3: Business IQ
    Module 4: Portfolio Management
    Module 5: Business transition management
    Module 6: Provider domain knowledge
    Module 7: Powerful communication
    Module 8: Exam preparation
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    Lesson 2: The competencies of a Business Analyst
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    Lesson 3: Strategy Analysis Part 1
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    Lesson 4: Strategy Analysis Part 2
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    Lesson 5: Business Analysis Process Model
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    Lesson 6: Investigation Techniques Part 1
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    Lesson 7: Investigation Techniques Part 2
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    Lesson 8: Investigation Techniques Part 3
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    Lesson 9: Stakeholder Analysis and Management
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    Lesson 10: Modelling Business Processes Part 1
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    Lesson 11: Modelling Business Processes Part 2
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    Lesson 12: Defining the Solution
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    Lesson 13: Making a Business and Financial Case
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    Lesson 14: Establishing the Requirements
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    Lesson 15: Delivering the Requirements
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    Lesson 16: Documenting and Managing Requirements
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    Lesson 17: Delivering the Requirements
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    Lesson 18: Delivering the Business Solution
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    Lesson 19: Exam Preparation

Course Samples


Course Pre-requisites

  • This course does not require any existing knowledge of Business Analysis
    •    This course does not require any existing knowledge of BRM
  • There are no mandatory pre-requisites for the exam
    •    Completion of an accredited course is a mandatory pre-requisite for the exam

Foundation in Business Analysis Exam Details

The Business Relationship Management Professional Exam

Exam duration:
60 minutes

Exam format:
closed book, multiple choice

Exam delivery:
online, webcam proctored. Read about online exams here

Exam pass mark:
65% (26/40 questions)

Exam language:
extra time is available for non-native English speakers.


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Who's The Foundation in Business Analysis
Certification for?

The Business Analysis Foundation course is for people who want to understand business analysis, support change and improve business processes particularly Business Analysts, Business Managers and members of their team, Business Change Managers and Project Managers

​The certification is aimed at anyone working or looking to work in a business relationship environment, such as buyers, sales teams and customer service advisors. However, it may also be of use to business owners, project managers and others involved in business processes.

Trusted, awarded and accredited

​Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning

Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning
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