​Business Analysis Training

Great relationships are at the heart of successful business. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, a business that chooses to focus on developing open and mutually beneficial relationships with their suppliers, customers and stakeholders will be a business that will thrive.

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Based around a real world financial services case study, this course is suitable for technical, business and executive personnel.

​Business Analysis Foundation Course

​The key learning points of the course that will the support the new or more experienced analyst in their role are:

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    ​The competencies of a Business Analyst – The scope of business analysis work requires the analyst to have the personal qualities, business knowledge and professional techniques to apply to projects and the right skills to use in different situations.
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    The BA Process Model – Being able to problem solve, investigate situations, consider perspectives, analyse and evaluate options using a flexible framework is the key to success. The BA Process Model can also be applied to standard modeling techniques and organizational templates.  
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    Investigation techniques – The Business Analyst needs to have a range of quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques to help understand the breadth and depth of issues and to be able to approach a project flexibility and responsively.
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    Stakeholder analysis – Effective stakeholder management is crucial to a project’s success. Understanding perspectives and creating management strategies is vital to gain and maintain stakeholder support.
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    Defining the solution – Taking a holistic approach and carrying out gap analysis to formulate options, in line with business architecture requirements and techniques, is an important part of defining an appropriate solution. There is also a study of business analysis and business architecture as complementary skill sets.
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    Making a business case – This is a key document; the business analyst is required to assess feasibility in order to structure and present a business case, which will include a consideration of tangible and intangible costs and benefits and an appraisal of these.
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    Establishing, modelling and delivering requirements – Requirements elicitation, analysis and validation, an understanding of modeling techniques and of the process for delivering requirements using a holistic approach are key features of the role and support the delivery of the solution.

​Additionally, key features of the course are that it includes:

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    ​A framework of maturity for the business analysis role through the Business Analysis Maturity Model (BAMM) and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
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    The examination of the role of the BA through the business change lifecycle
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    The importance of Business Analysis in different approaches including Agile, lean, waterfall and iterative projects


Business Analysis Foundation at a Glance is a new resource, designed to give you an overview of the BA Foundation Certificate on a single page. As with all of our downloads, this can be downloaded and printed so that you always have it to hand

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There are four core BRM disciplines which form the BRM Role, which provides a link between a provider and a one or more business units.
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