The RESILIA Practitioner qualification builds on knowledge acquired during the RESILIA Foundation training and challenges delegates to apply and adapt cyber resilience best practice. This practical course is built round a case study and set of exercises to bring cyber resilience to life.

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Course Contents

The Practitioner level certification will offer you a general understanding of what effective cyber resilience looks like and the risks and issues that can easily affect cyber resilience. You will also understand how to get the best balance of risk, cost, benefits and flexibility within an organization


covering the cyber resilience lifecycle, from strategy through to continual improvement. This practical courses using engaging questions and exercises throughout.

Includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes

Study duration: 12 hours

Lessons in this training

  • Course Introduction
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    Module 1: Cyber resilience implementation
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    Module 2: Cyber resilience strategy
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    Module 3: Cyber resilience design
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    Module 4: Cyber resilience transition
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    Module 5: Cyber resilience operation
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    Module 6: Cyber resilience improvement
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    Module 7: Exam preparation

Course Samples


Course Pre-requisites

  • Exam delegates must hold the RESILIA Foundation certificate
  • Completion of an accredited course is a mandatory pre-requisite for the exam

RESILIA Foundation Exam Details

Exam duration:
2hours 15 minutes

Exam format:
closed book, multiple choice

Exam delivery:
online, webcam proctored. Read about online exams here

Exam pass mark:
60% (30/50 questions)

Exam language:
extra time is available for non-native English speakers.

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Who's it for

This online RESILIA Practitioner course is aimed at professionals with responsibility for IT and security functions or risk and compliance operations within an organization. In addition, HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations and Marketing personnel, will also benefit from having cyber resilience expertise within their teams.

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​Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning

Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning
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