Certified Agile Service Manager Exam

Once you’ve completed your training, you can gain a globally recognised certification with the Certified Agile Service Manager Exam. The exam is accredited by the DevOps Institute, and is online and web-proctored, so you can take it any place, any time.

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Certified Agile Service Manager Exam Details

Exam duration:60 minutes

Exam format:closed book, multiple choice

Exam delivery:online, webcam proctored. Read about online ​exams here

Exam pass mark:​65% (26/40 questions)​

Exam language:extra time is available for non-native English speakers.

Exam Pricing


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USD $​249

​Voucher Va​lidity

You must request your exam voucher within 6 months of the purchase, or, if purchased as part of a package, while your package subscription is liveOnce you have requested your voucher, you have 6 months to schedule your exam before the voucher expiresDue to the examination scheme rules, we cannot issue a voucher without seeing a copy of your relevant course completion certificate

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