​Certified Agile Service Manager Training

ASM applies agile thinking to traditional IT service management processes. It ensures that processes aren’t over-designed or unnecessarily bureaucratic, so that they supply just enough control and structure to effectively and efficiently deliver IT services. Agile service management guidance covers process design, implementation and improvement.

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Get a quick introduction to ITIL and service management essentials with ITIL Lite.
Based around a real world financial services case study, this course is suitable for technical, business and executive personnel.

What is CASM

Service Management for the digital age

Many organisations have tried to implement service management methodologies like ITIL to improve their processes and capabilities. Long projects, expensive consultants and months of development create new documentation, but don’t always lead to changes in behaviour. This can lead to the project being seen as a failure.

ASM applies agile thinking to IT service management. Processes are designed and released incrementally, allowing the organisation to adapt to new ways of working. Feedback is used to improve the next process increment.

The ASM training covers roles, artifacts and events for ASM, and will help you to successfully implement ‘just enough’ service management in your organisation.

ASM training is suitable for delegates with Agile, DevOps or ITIL backgrounds. For ITIL Experts, this course is ideal to help you apply your service management knowledge and deliver value in your organisation. ITSM Zone’s ASM training is accredited by the DevOps Institute.

​CASM Training

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There are four core BRM disciplines which form the BRM Role, which provides a link between a provider and a one or more business units.
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