More About OBASHI – with Karen Ferris and Claire Agutter

April 13, 2015

Karen Ferris of Macanta and Claire Agutter of ITSM Zone take a look at the OBASHI methodology and foundation course.Karen has recently become qualified in OBASHI, using the online training course and has been really impressed by the clear, simple idea within this methodology and the way that OBASHI gives a big picture of the business, taking in IT, business, suppliers etc. OBASHI can help to provide quality information about how the business works, that help and enable quality decisions to be made about the business.This 30 minute video gives real life scenarios where OBASHI has helped a business and shows what benefits could be available to you. Both Claire and Karen have extensive knowledge about IT Serveice Management and this informal chat is a great way to learn more about the methodology, without the need to concentrate or study!Fergus Cloughly and Paul Wallis (who created the OBASHI methodology) will join Claire and Karen on the next hang out – so make sure you check back to see that one!
The OBASHI foundation course is available online from ITSM Zone, for more information, click here. This course is also part of our Foundations For Professionals Program which is aimed at IT Service Management professionals.

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