Mentors Matter On The Path To Success

July 28, 2017

Did you know that as part of any ITSM training course you get a half hour session with a global ITSM expert of your choice absolutely free?

Many of the most successful people in the world have talked openly about the benefit of using a mentor or coach, think Richard Branson, Condoleeza Rice, Steve Jobs, & Michael Bloomberg to name just a handful.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches but reveal to him his own.”

So what’s so useful about having a mentor?

  • They Are Inspiring.
  • Been There, Done That! They Have Proven Experience in the Field.
  • Through Experience They Know What it Takes to Succeed Both Mentally & Physically.
  • Help You Improve Your Performance.
  • Are Experts in Change.
  • Suggest How to Develop Further Skills To Enhance Your Career.

We firmly believe that knowledge through theory & coursework is only part of your overall learning journey. It is dramatically enhanced by being able to test your understanding of a subject, sound out ideas, and ask questions of a respected industry expert to help plan your future goals.

Mentors do matter!

Many articles and biographies of the most successful people in the world cite the benefit of a professional coach or mentor as part of their recipe for success.

Real feedback!

Two recent ITSM zone students have fed back to us the benefits of their sessions with two of our mentors. They chose sessions with Andrea Kis and Daniel Breston.

Here are some of their comments on their session.

“I could see the difference between talking to a "subject matter expert" and talking with a real expert like Andrea, somebody who has hit the ground and speaks with the authority that only comes from the perfect blending of knowledge and experience. Now I can’t wait to put my ideas into practice”

“ I chose a mentoring session with Daniel. It was a great experience and he was able to answer all my questions and queries.  He guided me through the roles of an Agile Service Manager with practical and useful examples. I want to extend my thanks to him.”

Join us and study for a new ITSM qualification and benefit from your own expert mentor. Take a look at our available team to see just who you could benefit from working with on your goals and get in touch!

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