Meet the team

Claire Agutter
Claire is passionate about all things IT service management and brings this to her role as lead tutor. Using her background as an IT service management practitioner and consultant, Claire and her team manage the courses we add to the site to make sure they will support the careers of our customers. Using this approach, we’ve developed a balanced portfolio of mainstream areas like ITIL and emerging essential best practice like OBASHI.

When she’s not working, Claire can be found running half marathons and trying to learn Spanish.
Dave Agutter
Dave is a highly experienced service delivery manager who has worked with a number of large UK clients to make their IT services successful. He is also an experienced entrepeneur, and has run and sold several businesses.

Dave and his team constantly review the technology used by ITSM Zone to make sure it provides the best possible learning experience.

When he’s not working, Dave is most happy on the ski slopes.
Luna joins ITSM Zone as an intern and is the youngest member of the team. She’s got a lot of business skills to learn and sometimes has a bit too much to say during meetings. Luna is currently working hard destroying important documents and reorganizing the schedules of our directors Claire and Dave. We can definitely say that morale has improved since Luna arrived, and her chaotic energy is really shaking things up.

When she’s not applying her unique skillset to the world of work, Luna enjoys snacks, napping, walks, and trying to catch birds. We encourage all of our team to have big dreams at ITSM Zone, and chasing things that fly definitely counts!
Kirsty Unila
Kirsty Unila provides dedicated support to our customers and partners. Kirsty and her team look after corporate accounts and make sure our clients have everything they need – from training needs analysis to ongoing reporting and next steps.

When she’s not working, Kirsty spends time with her family and fell walking.
Halle is the boss of our Operations Manager, Kirsty. When Halle is taking time off from keeping Kirsty in line she enjoys long walks, food, stealing socks, food, belly rubs and more food.
Martin Horton
Martin is the genius behind the ITSM Zone site and its continual improvement. An SEO and social media expert, Martin manages and oversees all technical support and administration.

When he’s not working, Martin likes cooking, running and playing football.
Noel Johansen
A professional actor and voice over artist, Noel makes sure all of our training courses are professional, clear and easy to understand. An experienced production manager, Noel is a key element of our training course delivery.

When he’s not at work, Noel is usually swimming like a fish in one of the local pools or poring over instructions with his Lego obsessed son.
Helen Morris
Helen has been working in IT since 1984, specialising in service management for the last 15 years. Working as both a consultant and trainer, Helen brings her experience to the classroom and applies her knowledge and expertise in a pragmatic approach to organisation’s requirements.

When not working, Helen balances her time between her home in France, and her children and numerous grandchildren in the UK.
Liz Gallacher
Liz is an experienced service management trainer and consultant. She has provided consultancy to central government and the private sector, and delivers training to clients globally. She is a co-author of an ITIL study guide.

When not working, Liz likes to travel – either to her vacation home in Florida, or through home-exchange arrangements. So far she has exchanged homes in Argentina, France, Spain, Canada and the USA, ​ Australia and New Zealand!
​Jelena is experienced in delivering high quality customer service after working for many years for a 5 star airline.

She makes sure that ITSM Zone customers have the support they need, and works hard to ensure that they are all appreciated and have exactly what they need.

When she is not working she likes movie nights, going out with her family and friends and travelling.
Ziggy is the newest addition to ITSM Zone’s helpdesk team.

He answers all contacts promptly, whether they are a question, issue, or feedback, with a lick or a bark. He always looks very elegant in his black tuxedo as he believes you never know who, where or when you can meet someone.

When he’s not working, he likes taking long walks, chewing toys, biting his flatmates, eating, and taking naps.
Ivana is a passionate marketing professional with a flair for design and online/offline platforms.

As a marketing executive her role is to oversee many aspects of a campaign throughout the entire lifespan of a product, service or idea. Her goal is to make sure that our customers are kept up to date with new products and the latest industry news.

When she is not working she enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with her family and her dog.
When he is not sleeping or working hard, Bart is manipulating our Marketing Executive Ivana with his cute eyes. And that thoughtful look on his face? It means one thing – single-minded interest in the food he is smelling from a mile away.

When the food is gone or eaten (by him), Bart enjoys long walks, cuddling, playing with his favourite toys…Oh, did I mention food? Snacks, whenever they are available, regardless of how much he has already eaten.
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