Map the service being provided in the CMDB to aid fault diagnosis and resolution.

May 1, 2015

As part of a major outsourcing and migration programme there was a requirement to provide a Service Management (SM) Solution.  The original solution was an in house support solution which had no service levels, multiple service management tools and was very inefficient.  The idea was to outsource the solution and bring all support under a common set of processes utilising a single service suite of tools and measurable service levels.

Using OBASHI for Service Mapping

It was decided that to aid fault diagnosis and resolution the CMDB should contain service maps for the applications being managed.  These maps would be created using OBASHI.

The OBASHI methodology allows organisations to clearly understand what is involved in supporting their business processes. Simple, powerful information can be used to support business decisions, financial decisions and strategic planning.

Developing the Service Maps

In order to gain a good understanding of how the service management tool was going to be used, the concept of operation document was reviewed.  This document provided a high level overview of how the solution was to be used once it went live.  This included an explanation of the software to be used, the processes that would be adopted, the planned service levels and the roles and responsibilities of those using the solution.

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