Making Service Management a Profession - the PSMF Launch

May 23, 2016

London, May 2016, the itSMF UK Professional Service Management Framework Launch

This week, I was one of the guests at the itSMF UK launch event for PSMF, the Professional Service Management Framework.  In this blog, I’ll explain the background to PSMF, how it works and what it means for anyone working in IT service management.

Who are itSMF UK?

itSMF UK is the UK chapter of the IT Service Management Forum, a global organisation that acts as the ‘user group’ for IT service management. Many countries have chapters – you can check if you do by looking at the itSMF International website.
itSMF UK provides support for people in IT service management at every stage of their career, from local and national networking events to masterclasses and publications.
I’ve been an itSMF member for many years now. When I first started in IT service management they provided me with many opportunities to learn, and now my career is more mature I am able to give back by presenting, authoring and supporting itSMF UK events.

What is PSMF?

itSMF UK PSMF launch

itSMF UK's Barclay Rae, Stephen Mann and Claire Agutter

The Professional Service Management Framework (PSMF) has been developed by itSMF UK to start a conversation about IT service management as a professional career.
The framework defines a broad area of skills that a service management professional will need to develop through their career to be able to add value to the organisations they work with. Over time, itSMF UK will develop further guidance to support the framework, from recommending training courses through to libraries of personal stories. Organisations and individuals will be able to measure their skills and the skills of their staff against the framework and achieve a level of endorsement.
You can view much more detail in the launch video, including CGI’s story. CGI are the first company to achieve PSMF endorsement.  PSMF is a member benefit for itSMF UK members, but the skills they outline in the framework will be a helpful start point for practitioners all over the world.

Next Steps

Following the launch, itSMF UK will continue to develop the PSMF, with input from the global IT service management community.   This will include collecting a library of people's personal IT service management stories, mapping training to the skills identified in the PSMF and helping to grow IT service management as a profession.  There will be plenty of scope for members and none-members to get involved.

What does it mean for me?

I see PSMF as a helpful guide for anyone working in IT service management. For too long, people’s careers have been defined by a single product (for example, see our blog on why there’s no such thing as an ‘ITIL consultant’). PSMF emphasises the management, people and communication skills that we need to add to existing process and technical skills. You could try comparing your own skillset to it – do you see any gaps?
What do you think about PSMF and IT service management as a profession? I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments or via our contact form.
Claire Agutter

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