Lifelong learning is the single key trick for someone to be successful

September 13, 2021

How do we do things better? How do we improve? How do we answer the questions that maybe people haven't even thought to ask yet?

Our director Claire Agutter gives answers to these questions and shares her career and motivational secrets for DEH HUB.

In her video, she talks about the generations she comes from, saying that her generation - xennials (the crossover generation) it is a privileged age group to be in because they have real visibility of how technology has changed the world.

Claire as well explains what it takes to be successful in service management and what skill has helped her the most in her career.

She as well gives a definition of a perfect day.

How did you get into human - centric IT?

The theme for me has always been, how does technology help business to work better? That's always been my focus. So that puts me very firmly in that service management space, talking to people how they do business and then looking at how they bring in the processes that are going to help them to be faster, more efficient, deliver better experience.

And if you got that service mindset, that's what you are looking for is these improvements happening all the time. And then the relationships that you build and the people that you get to work just make it so special as well,

says Claire.

What does it take to be successful in you field?

Lifelong learning is the single key trick for someone to be successful in service management, because you do meet people who seem to have frozen at some particular point in time. So, they learnt up to a certain point, they got experience up to a certain point and then that is it. They just stopped. They do not want to learn anything new. They are resistant to change.

And it is a challenge because there has been so much change over the last five, ten years with things like DevOps, Agile, Lean IT, Green IT. It feels a bit of overwhelming sometimes, but for those of us who are in the center of it you have to be open minded,

adds Claire.

What skill has helped you the most in your career?

Just a real desire to form relationships. And I have always been quite suspicious of this concept of networking because it's sounds very cold and very clinical, speaking to people and thinking what can you do for me? Are you useful for me? But in fact, I have been doing software networking for my entire career. And now I have this amazing global network of people. There is awful lot of women in tech out there. In our own little informal club, we are all supporting each other and we are all sharing ideas and spurring each other on.

And that is the big part of our community as well,

says Claire.

A perfect day at work - what does it look like?

The perfect day at work is the one that goes as planned.

The biggest risk you have ever taken in your career.

Definitely setting up a business.

One movie you watched more than three times?

Withnail and I.

One thing that always makes you smile?

Dogs 🙂

Success - what does it mean to you?

Freedom to choose what I do each day,

finishes Claire.
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