ITSM Zone are proud to introduce Foundations for Professionals; a modular program designed to give IT professionals knowledge of a broad range of tools and frameworks.

IT and Service Management changes so quickly; there are traditional methods that have been around for years that used to work well and in some cases are still be working well. However, looking to new and emerging practices for improvement and development can never be a bad thing. We’ve seen that the expectations of a business on their IT department has changed drastically and some exciting practices have emerged.

Of course, any methodology or process, whether new or old, is just a pattern of words or diagrams until people start to adopt them and put them into practice. IT professionals face a demanding role these days and it’s becoming apparent that a “one solution fits all” approach may not be the best way to move forward.

What is Foundations for Professionals?

Foundations for Professionals is a program that allows IT personnel to keep their skills up to date and learn about a broad range of methods, tools and frameworks. It includes up to seven different Foundation courses that will help you to achieve your career goal and improve your prospects and salary expectations.

You can select two or more courses from ITIL, COBIT, OBASHI, DevOps, ISO 200000, Prince 2 and RESILIA to form part of your own unique Foundations for Professionals program, or you can select one of our pre-packaged programs that are aimed in specific directions.

Each of the courses included in the program has an associated exam, so that you can gain globally recognised certification too. In addition, if you successfully complete all seven course in the program, we’ll award you with our unique Foundations for Professionals certificate.

Which different packages can I select from?

As mentioned, you can choose any combination of 2,3,4,5 or 6 courses according to your own needs or those of your organisation.

You can also select one of the following: –

Foundations for Professionals CUTTING EDGE

If you want to learn about emerging practices in IT, “Cutting Edge” is the package for you

Take one full year to learn about DevOps, RESILIA and OBASHI and their benefits for organisations. You’ll learn about how development and operations teams can work more closely together, how to map business processes and understand their supporting IT assets. These new skills and approaches for designing and improving IT services across the lifecycle will give you a head start in some of the newest practises in ITSM.

Foundations for Professionals NEW TO IT

If you’re a recent graduate or looking to make a career change into IT, “New to IT” is the package for you. You’ll learn about DevOps, ITIL and their benefits for organisations. It covers the basics of IT service management and project management and shows how approaches to IT are evolving.

Foundations for Professionals SECURITY FOCUS

This is for those of you who are interested in cyber security and how to create resilient services. Learn about ITIL, RESILIA and COBIT and their benefits for organisations. Understand organisational governance requirements and relate them to IT services and learn how to align security requirements to the full IT service lifecycle.


Foundations for Professionals SERVICE DEVELOPMENT

Interested in the design and development of new services to meet business requirements? Then this is the package for you

Learn about DevOps, OBASHI and their benefits for organisations. Learn how to apply cutting edge development approaches like Agile, Scrum and Lean IT. You’ll also learn how to manage and deliver successful projects and how to map business processes and the IT assets that will underpin them.


Foundations for Professionals FULLY INCLUSIVE

If you want to get the full Foundations for Professionals experience and really show your IT service management knowledge, then the Fully Inclusive package is for you! It includes all 7 courses AND all 7 certification exams

You’ll learn about DevOpsITILCOBITISO20000RESILIA and OBASHI and their benefits for organisations.

Learn about the full service lifecycle from governance and strategy through to project management and security, how to map business processes and understand their supporting IT assets and you’ll gain new skills and approaches for designing and improving IT services across the lifecycle


All of our Foundations for Professionals students have a full year to complete the program. You’ll be fully supported by our 24/7 helpdesk and tutor support from our team of qualified, highly experienced tutors. Every one of the courses is fully accredited and quality checked to ensure a quality training experience. Don’t forget, you can also book a mentor session to really compound all of your new knowledge!


Get ahead of the IT game by showing that you have a broad set of qualifications and book your program today! You can find out more here