Key Facts

This document is intended to outline the key areas of note that are contained within the terms and conditions for the supply of courses by IT Training Zone Limited (trading as ITSM Zone).

You should read the terms and conditions in full preferably alongside this key facts document, to ensure that you understand.

This document and the terms and conditions to which it relates, applies only to purchases made between us and consumers (i.e. someone not acting on behalf of a business).

We do sell courses to business users. If you are purchasing on behalf of a business then please contact us on 1 206 331 4348 or e mail us at

When the contract between you and us is created

All purchases are made using our website. You should consider the information that you add to the booking pages on our site carefully to make sure it is correct.

After you place an order, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming your order.  This email confirms access to the Course (including the date on which any E-Book is available for access) and provides your identification code and password (“Delivery Confirmation”).  The Contract is formed between us at this point.

If you find something wrong, you should contact us on 1 206 331 4348 or at

Payment will also be made online through our booking system. You can use your credit or debit card, or use Paypal® if you have an account with them

Right to cancel

You have a legal right to cancel your contract with us in certain circumstances.

This right begins on the date that the contract between us is created (i.e. when we send you an e mail to let you know that we have accepted your booking request) and continues for 14 days. An example of how this work in practice is below:

If the contract is formed on 1st January, then the last day on which you are able to cancel the contract is the 15th January.

How do I cancel my contract with you

To cancel the contract all that you have to do is contact us. You may do this by calling us on 1 206 331 4348, or e mailing us at You should ensure that you call or write to us on or before the last day of the cancellation period as it applies to your contract with us.

Do I get a refund of the price?

When you have cancelled your contract you will receive a refund of the price that you have paid to us under the contract.

The refund will be returned to either the card that you used to pay us, or to your PayPal® account, depending on which method of payment that you used to pay.


The contract between us is for the provision of services, in the form of an online course, eBook or exam.

In entering into the contract with us, you accept that you are asking us to perform our side of the arrangement between us before the cancellation period has finished.

As such, if you begin to access the course content in any way during the 14 day cancellation period, then you will lose your right to cancel the contract.  If you have accessed an eBook or been issued an exam voucher, you are unable to cancel the contract.

What price do I pay?

The price that you pay will be that set out on our website and ultimately detailed on the booking page of our website before you confirm your order and make a payment to us.  Any applicable local taxes such as VAT will be shown during the checkout process.

We provide many courses and ensure as far as we can that the stated prices are correct. It is possible that we get the price wrong. If this happens we will contact you to determine how you wish to proceed; you may either continue with the booking at the correct price, or cancel the order.  If we cannot contact you for any reason, we will regard the order and being cancelled and write to you to confirm.


In circumstances where we fail to perform the services that you have paid for correctly, you may be entitled to be compensated.

We are only responsible to you for that loss or damage that you suffer which was or should have been contemplated by us when the contract was entered into and is obviously a result of our breach of contract.

We do not limit our liability for any death or personal injury that results from our breach of contract, for any fraudulent acts.

Intellectual property (IP) and your right to use it

We, IT Training Zone Limited, trading as ITSM Zone, either own the intellectual property rights in the course content or, in certain circumstances, have the right to use it and to make it available for use by third parties. We also own the IP rights in the website that we use to both sell the course and to provide them to you.

In purchasing a course from us, you are purchasing the right to use the course content via our website.  This right will begin when we send you an e mail confirming your order until the date contained in that e mail, at which point your right will terminate.

As the intellectual property is important to us and of significant value, should you do anything to interfere with our rights, such as attempt to copy or modify our property, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement immediately by writing to you.

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