ITSM Zone Awarded ‘Leader’ Status for ITIL Training

At ITSM Zone we have always focused on providing exceptional learning experiences for our corporate and individual customers.  So we are very proud to have been independently awarded Leader status for ITIL training in Course Conductor’s recent Trusted Training Radar Report for ITIL.  We are especially excited because this award is based entirely on the voice of our customers, and their honest reviews of our ITIL courses.

We asked Craig Kilford, CEO of Course Conductor (and co-Author of Management of Portfolios) to tell us more about the report, and provide some insights about our customer feedback and why we’ve been awarded Leader status in the ITIL® training industry.

What is Course Conductor?

Course Conductor makes it easy for corporate training buyers to find the best training vendors and courses. We do that by aggregating unbiased customer review data from the companies that have already purchased training, and the learners that attended the courses.  Based on that data we award training vendors with a status of Leader, High Performer or Contender on a course by course basis within our Trusted Training Radar® Reports.

Why do companies use Trusted Training Radar Reports?

Trusted Training Radar Reports exist so corporate training buyers can cut the costs of selecting training vendors, make more informed buying decisions and reduce the risk of wasting valuable resources on ineffective, low quality training.

As someone that has previously been responsible for significant corporate training budgets, I’ve felt the pain of having to google training vendors, then sit through endless sales meetings trying to figure out which training vendor might deliver the results we wanted

The reason companies call Course Conductor and use Trusted Training Radar Report services is best expressed by one of our corporate clients “The radar instantly shows me the key training metrics that are important to me, cuts out the marketing fluff and removes the hassle of the hardest, most time consuming element of procurement – the quality aspect.”

Importantly, our corporate clients know that only training vendors with great customer feedback can even get onto the radar.  They also know that the training vendors on the radar have been subjected to a rigorous, consistent and fair scoring methodology; based on real feedback from real companies and learners that have already purchased training from the training vendor.

Why did ITSM Zone qualify as a Leader for ITIL?

The simple answer is customers love ITSM Zone, and it is very clear from customer feedback that ITSM Zone puts a lot of effort into loving customers too.

The more statistical answer is that based on over 6217 verified customer reviews from companies and people, ITSM Zone scored very high in all categories including customer service, professionalism, quality of course content, responsiveness of the tutors, quality of learning environment and achievement of course expectation.

In terms of customer feedback, clients frequently highlighted that the interactive content of ITSM Zone’s courses and structure were all a very high standard.  Customers also made very positive references to the tutor support highlighting that the depth of knowledge, and availability to answer questions was excellent.  Customers also said the pace of the course and the overall learning environment was excellent too. 


Where can people go to read the full Trusted Training Radar® for ITIL and read the ITSM Zone performance analytics?

The report is free to download from here:

Trusted Training Radar® is a registered trademark of Course Conductor LLC.

Course Conductor’s Trusted Training Radar® report does not endorse any training vendor, or course in the publication.

The information contained in the Trusted Training Radar® Report for ITIL® has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable.  This includes references from organisations, interviews with training buyers, verified learner reviews, training providers, and online research carried out by Course Conductor Analysts.

Course Conductor disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information & shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies of such information. 


Craig Kilford

Craig Kilford

Craig Kilford, CEO of Course Conductor (and co-Author of Management of Portfolios

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