ITSM Zone and SDI launch exclusive discounts

May 5, 2020

At ITSM Zone, we believe in the power of lifelong learning. As more and more businesses get settled into remote working, the uptake of eLearning and virtual learning is increasing. For many of us the COVID-19 outbreak brought disruptions to daily routine and caused us to feel overwhelming emotions but increasing numbers of people are using the time to build their skillset and boost their career during this economic uncertainty.

The perceived success of eLearning will be a factor in whether or not this is a permanent change in how we learn. Whether you choose classroom or online learning, it is important to pick a course of at the right level. A course just beyond your comfort zone will occupy your mind.

We recognize that learning a new skill or discipline may be the perfect distraction from the frustrations of self-isolation, so at ITSM Zone we are expanding our network and our list of courses.

SDI & ITSM Zone join forces: Inspiring service desks and service desk professionals

As part of this initiative, we are delighted to announce our partnership with SDI, the Service Desk Institute.

SDI offers a range of virtual classroom training courses that will complement the skill set of anyone working in the ITSM space. Connecting IT service professionals across the world, SDI is a global community for everyone working in the IT service and support industry.

Exclusive discount for ITSMZone subscribers

To help our community, we have arranged an exclusive discount for ITSMZone’s members to use against every SDI training course and online exams. If SDI are new to you, they have dedicated the last 30 years to guiding, inspiring and connecting ITSM and service desk communities.

Jamie Bell, Customer Success and Operations Manager at SDI, says “SDI’s virtual training portal gives you a live and fully interactive instructor-led learning experience with other delegates, from the comfort of your own home. Gain Service Desk Analyst / Service Desk Manager qualifications, train Senior Analysts or Team Leaders or pick up tips, support and advice from our one day workshops on subject-specific topics such as self-service, CX, metrics and more - all delivered by one of SDI's accredited industry experts.”

Every SDI training course is available for delivery in-house and can be made bespoke to you and your team’s needs.  SDI’s classes include:

SDI’s classes include:

Service Desk Analyst (SDA)

The SDA qualification course is designed for IT service and support analysts who work in a first or second line role in a service desk environment. The course is perfect for individuals looking to grow in their role and gain a globally recognized qualification in their profession. Many organizations utilize SDA qualified staff as a mark of excellence.

Service Desk Manager (SDM)
The SDM course is designed for existing and aspiring service desk managers and supervisors who wish to develop their understanding of service desk and IT service management. The course covers many disciplines essential for managers and leaders to get the best out of their teams and provide value insight to management about service performance.

Metrics and Reporting Workshop

A one day workshop for managers, team leaders and individuals responsible for service desk and IT operational effectiveness and performance.

Managing the Customer Experience

A one day workshop for managers, team leaders and individuals responsible for managing the customer experience and driving service improvement. A chance to network and interact with peers and to gain insightful knowledge from an industry expert.

Find out more and book online

If any of these courses is fit for you as an ITSM Zone member you are now entitled to a 10% discount on all training and exams over at SDI using a unique code. If you haven’t received your unique code in our newsletter by the 7th May 2020 – please get in touch with us.

Remember - there has never been a better time to learn a new skill.

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