ITSM Zone and Makeda Foundation join forces

May 24, 2021

At ITSM Zone, we believe in the power of lifelong learning, as well in continually investing in the future of your workforce. If this past year taught us anything, it’s that the business environment is always changing. The pressure to become a digitally focused organization was (and still is) enormous. And in this scenario, leaders of many organizations understood the skills gap of their teams and invested in training opportunities to ensure their people are ready to rise to the next challenge. Training and development are the most important part of investing in your employees.

We recognize that individuals need to continually develop and stay abreast of new approaches and methods, so as not to be left behind. That’s why we are continually expanding our partner network.

A chance of success

As part of this initiative, we are more than happy and delighted to announce our partnership with Makeda Foundation.

The Makeda Foundation is a non-profit organization that enables rising and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and or enhance online solutions that empower disadvantaged women in Sub-Saharan Africa economically by helping improve their livelihood & wellbeing. The Makeda Foundation is committed to helping bridge gender inequality on the continent. Through training, mentoring and financing , the Foundation helps startups gain exposure to global markets.

ITSM Zone will be supporting the Foundation offering our training to their entrepreneurs. We are very happy to be able to support the Foundation and its entrepreneurs.

Why is Makeda's work so important?

The technology industry in Africa remains mostly male-dominated and this can sometimes fail to tap into the wider pool of talent on offer across the continent. To achieve true digital transformation in Africa, we should empower women and girls to be part of the drive. And that’s exactly what Makeda Foundation is doing.

How can Makeda Foundation help?

  • Through an incubation program, they enable emerging entrepreneurs to build online solutions that can enable disadvantaged African women to have a wider global reach to sell local products, which may help improve their livelihood and wellbeing by helping to fight continued existence of poverty in many parts of the continent and take care of their family, become economically independent and regain their dignity.
  • Leverage global mentors and coaches to improve entrepreneurs’ success, facilitate their access to the resources, and opportunities they need to survive and thrive leading to better and sustainable business growth for Africa.
  • Connect entrepreneurs with network with global VCs, partners, corporations, and local social-economic leaders for a wider impact in Africa.

Together we take empowerment to the next level

In Africa, 8 out of 10 startups fail every year for a lack of knowledge in order to apply technology. We all know that to make your startup a success, a great idea is not enough. You need to additionally have business skills and/or the experience that having a background in bringing products to market, provides you with.

In addition to the workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions, we believe that providing Makeda startups with ITSM Zone training courses will change how they think about their startups. Entrepreneurs will access training including ITIL, Agile, Scrum and Cloud. ITIL can be a great help to startups in identifying services they should offer, designing their services, transiting them, supporting and delivering the services, and most importantly, continuously improve the overall service map.

Our training will be a great help identifying services they should offer, designing their services, transitioning them, supporting and delivering the services, and most importantly, continuously improving the overall service map.

ITSM Zone will be supporting the Foundation offering training to entrepreneurs based on global accredited certifications. The training will a portfolio of various courses for all of the cohort as part of the boot camp with a monthly group session included.

In the following weeks, we will be publishing video series of the entrepreneurs testimonials of how our partnership helped them. We are looking forward speaking to them!

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