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March 6, 2016

Do you know ‘advertisement’ used to mean good advice? With time and misuse, words seem to change their meaning, often to a negative one. Newsletters used to be a way to get a rich summary of important events, they served as a sector-specific guideline for everything useful and interesting - be it an innovation, a discovery or a bargain.

Today though, most newsletters are treated like borderline spam. Too much marketing and too little content along with shady email collection, are amongst the main reasons why people don’t trust newsletters anymore.

ITSM Zone is here to change that: we want to bring you ITSM news that is relevent to you, to the industry and to today's trends. Here's how we do it!

Personal Approach

We at ITSM Zone have learned a lot about customer relations during our eight years on the market. You will never receive a ‘dead-end’ message from a no-reply address. We are here to answer any questions. This is why our newsletters always provide you with an adequate contact email, monitored by ‘real people’.

Life Hacks

Our newsletter delivers hot tips from our lead tutors and mentors, as well as articles written by professionals. We are always aiming to communicate any feedback form our students that would help those of you climbing up the ITSM ladder.

If you are wantng to know who is who in the industry and discover the hottest skills on the ITSM job market, ITSM Zone is your best advisor.

Of course, you will also find references to our current offers, but they will only complement the market tendencies, providing you with an option for a CPD at a competitive price.

Smart Layout

In this busy day-to-day reality, where everyone prefers information to be strictly relevant and delivered immediately, we are offering a careful selection of quality materials arranged in a graphic layout allowing easy access at a glance.

We do not pile up text and pictures, flashy images and heavy graphics but rather offer you a concise summary backed up by detailed publications accessible via links. We also rely on smart formatting to underline and distinguish each type of materials, so you can easily find your way.


We never got ‘too big to care’, so we are constantly seeking advice, analysing and changing what we offer to match the market needs. Our main goal is to deliver quality content to our subscribers, so we are not afraid to evolve.

The constant communication with our customers, business partners, students and industry experts has helped us build a proactive business community you can become a part of by subscribing to the ITSM Zone newsletter.

Sign up to our mailing list and find out about people who may beome new colleagues, business partners, potential employers or mentors.

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