ITSM Crowd Special Edition – Building your Digital CV

We are delighted to start this week with a new partnership. This time is with SkillsTx – Digital Skills Management. SkillsTx specialise in digital skills management with digital workers at the heart of what they do. They help enable informed career planning decisions by understanding what skills you have, what skills you need and recommending actions to bridge the gap.

This episode of #ITSMCrowd we called it Special Edition episode because you can learn more about building your digital CV and how to get the skills you need for the job you want.

Our special guest, the director of SkillsTx, Matthew Burrows will explain in details how you can create your Digital CV and Individual Action Plan. As well how the Digital CV will help you identify opportunities and skills gaps. More particularly the SkillsTx algorithms will help you find the best courses to support your skills and development. Plus, you can use their sample jobs to explore career options.

Join Claire Agutter and Matthew Burrows on this Special Edition Episode.  

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You can watch the episode live on May 27th, 10am BST. Ask questions live using Youtube comments, and make sure you follow the hashtag “ITSMCrowd” on twitter.

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