ITSM Crowd Jigsaw Special Series – Volume 3

Our ITSM Crowd Jigsaw Special Series – Volume 3 is scheduled for November 5th. On this day, Claire Agutter is hosting 2 episodes on which she and her amazing guests will speak about how to rebuild your organization for the future.

The Jigsaw Special Series is devoted to Scopism’s new publication “The Jigsaw Organization”. The publication is written by experts and consultants from all over the world and they are sharing their practical advice on how you can build something better. With topics ranging from leadership to business continuity and resilience, from agility to sourcing, you’ll find inspiration that will allow you to create positive changes.

Related to this, experts and consultants will be special guests on our ITSM Crowd Jigsaw Special Series and they will share their #TopTips with you.

ITSM Crowd 80 – Jigsaw Special – SIAM Deep Dive

The third part of the Series will kick off with Jigsaw Organization contributors Ian Groves, Pat Williams and Ian Thomas. Claire Agutter and her guests will talk about how supplier management and effective supply chain integration have been crucial in 2020.

Establishing trust and building relationships between customers and suppliers, between suppliers within a SIAM ecosystem and of course between the customer, the service integrator and the suppliers, will becoming increasingly important.

November 5th, 4:00 PM GMT. Be there and ask questions live using Youtube comments.

ITSM Crowd 81 – Jigsaw Special – Structure, Skills and People

Later that evening, starting at 7 pm GMT, Claire Agutter will be joined by Jigsaw Organization authors Karen Ferris and Matthew Burrows to learn more about how a clear understanding of people and skills has supported organizations in 2020.

Technology has a huge role to play but must not be our only focus. Organizations need to understand the skills they have, and the skills they will need for the future.

Simply put, It doesn’t matter how clever we are with the tools and technology, it still requires people with the right knowledge, skills and competencies to make it all work.

Definitely, it is going to be a day full of expert insights.

There has never been a better time to throw out the jigsaw and adopt an approach that allows adaptation, agility, and versatility.

And if you have missed the first and the second part of the #ITSMCrowd Jigsaw Special Series you can still watch it here:

Extra resources:

You can find more about our guest Karen Ferris here.

As well, you can find more about Matthew Burrows work here.

  • For Individuals
    • Complete your own SFIA self-assessment (45-60 minutes)
    • Compare your skills with industry defined roles
    • Create and maintain your own Development Action Plan

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