ITSM Crowd Jigsaw Special Series – Volume 2

Our ITSM Crowd Jigsaw Special Series – Volume 2 is scheduled for October 9th. On this day, Claire Agutter is hosting 2 episodes on which she and her amazing guests will speak about how to rebuild your organization for the future.

The Jigsaw Special Series is devoted to Scopism’s new publication “The Jigsaw Organization”. The publication is written by experts and consultants from all over the world and they are sharing their practical advice on how you can build something better. With topics ranging from leadership to business continuity and resilience, from agility to sourcing, you’ll find inspiration that will allow you to create positive changes.

Related to this, experts and consultants will be special guests on our ITSM Crowd Jigsaw Special Series and they will share their #TopTips with you.

ITSM Crowd 78 – Jigsaw Special – Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste

The second part of the Series will kick off with Jigsaw Organization contributors Rob England, Cherry Vu and Aleks Yenin, the head of Polontech. They will be talking about how organizations need to advance in order to be successful in a constantly changing environment. To deal with both the current crisis and the ongoing change, the necessary capabilities of the organization are agility and resilience. Simply put, never let a good crisis go to waste.

October 9th, 9:30 AM BST. Be there and ask questions live using Youtube comments.

ITSM Crowd 79 – Jigsaw Special – Resilience and Agility

Later that day, starting at 4 pm BST, Claire Agutter will be joined by Jigsaw Organization contributors Daniel Breston, Nikola Gaydarov and Nicklas Fredriksson. The discussion will be about Resilience and Agility.

In this episode, our guests will make the case for a more adaptative approach to business continuity, bringing agility and resilience to the organization.

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