ITSM Crowd 87 – NHS Digital Lessons Learned in 2020

On this episode of ITSM Crowd, host Claire Agutter is joined by NHS Digital Head of Live Services Sally Bogg, along with Lisa Flounders, Luke Howell and Danny Teasdale

The focus of the episode will be how NHS Digital supported and enhanced their critical services during 2020.

Sally Bogg - Head of Live Services within Live Services Directorate

As Head of Live Services at NHS Digital I am incredibly proud of what the teams have achieved over the last 10 months. 

The services we are delivering and supporting are at the heart of the NHS’s response to Covid-19, we have adapted and flexed our processes and our resources to be able to support the introduction and ongoing running of a wide range of new stuff whilst still continuing to deliver all of our other BAU activities and services.

My role as a Service Manager at NHS Digital during the Pandemic has been to focus my efforts in Release Management for the National Testing Service. This service has been stood up for the Pandemic to deliver the technical capabilities to support testing of the population, and showcases collaboration across Government, NHS Organisations as well as 3rd party suppliers, all working towards a common goal.  The speed and pace of delivery has required an immense effort from all these organisations and demonstrates the art of the possible.

Lisa Flounders - Service Manager
Luke Howell – Senior Service Manager, Data Services

As a Senior Service Manager in Live Services at NHS Digital it is understandable that the last 10 months has been a challenge for everybody across the NHS. Many programmes were stood up to respond to the pandemic, one of them being the Remote Clinical Desktop.

NHS Digital were commissioned to design, build and support a first of type tactical solution that would provide members of Primary Care to work from a safe, remote working location, whilst providing them with access to their key General Practice Foundation Systems.

This last year has been extraordinary for us all, and in many different ways. As Service Manager of NHS Digital’s Service Bridge, this has been the absolute truth.

I am extremely proud of how the team has adapted to the new ways of working, whilst having the tenacity to deal with approximately 40% more High Severity Service Incidents. The challenges created due to the rapid speed of delivery of new and enhanced services in NHS Digital’s response to COVID-19 has been testing, but as demonstrated by our amazing NHS frontline, we continued to meet these head on.

Danny Teasdale -Service Manager for Service Bridge

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You can learn more about how NHS Digital is supporting health and care as part of the government response to coronavirus (COVID-19) here.

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