ITSM Crowd 59 – XLAs: Measuring Experience in the Digital World

In episode 59 of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter is joined by Lisa Schwartz and Alan Nance from Citrus Collab, and David D’Agostino from Nexthink to talk about eXperience level agreements (XLAs).

The Nexthink site describes XLAs in this way:

“XLAs … focus on service but shift the metric. Instead of meeting arbitrary targets, XLAs measure both hard and soft data to discover how satisfied customers and employees are with IT services. It’s a critical factor: As noted by recent research, while service providers continue the “race to zero”, data shows that many companies are willing to pay more for better service. Why? Because staff expect the ability to leverage cutting-edge cloud services, connect to corporate networks from mobile devices and easily implement new IT services. XLAs measure what matters to employees: Day-to-day experience.”

XLAs are contrasted with traditional SLAs, which sometimes focus on objective metrics only while missing the more subjective ‘feelings’ of the customer about a service.

More resources

You can learn more here:

  • XLAs and digital empathy – read more in this blog
  • Measuring the digital experience – video interview

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