ITSM Crowd 57 – the agile Manager

July 8, 2019

In our latest episode of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter was joined by Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu, authors of the agile Manager publication (that's #smalla agile for a reason!)

Many of our viewers will know Rob from his blog The IT Skeptic. Rob's  new partnership with Dr Cherry has seen them both go on a journey that transcends IT and IT management concepts, distilled in the new book as they look at how agile thinking applies across organizations as a whole.

Both Rob and Cherry explained how their consulting experience has shown them that management must change in order for the system to change and for benefits to be seen. There's a wealth of useful information in the book to get you started on your own agile journey, from principles to management concepts and ways of working.

Ultimately, as Cherry tells us in the episode, an agile approach to management will allow people to feel happy and fulfilled at work.

More resources

You can learn more about Rob, Cherry and the book via these links:

  • The agile Manager publication - the final version is due very soon so Rob recommends you wait until it's published, although you can still purchase one of the incremental drafts
  • The ideas behind the book are explained in more detail here

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Date TBC, but in our next episode we'll be looking at observability - more information soon!

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