ITSM Crowd 54 – VeriSM and Other Frameworks

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In our latest episode of the ITSM Crowd, ITSM Zone lead tutor Claire Agutter is joined by some of her co-authors from the VeriSM project. Lead authors Suzanne Van Hove and Johann Botha and contributing author Luis Anderson discussed hot topics including enterprise service management (ESM) and more.

Despite some interesting technical issues (the perils of live events!) we had a brilliant discussion. Luis shared his thoughts on how organizational trends are driving service management outside of the IT department; the shift to so-called enterprise service management or ESM. VeriSM, in particular the management mesh, helps organizations to support the enterprise view and acts as a point of convergence for the increasingly complex landscape of management practices. Luis shared the diagram below showing how the VeriSM model and the business model canvas are part of the convergence of the business and technology domains.

VeriSM and the Business Model Canvas


Johann explained how he is using more and more Agile and DevOps thinking to support VeriSM and the changes that organizations need to make to support digital transformation, and Suzanne shared how VeriSM can help provide a management perspective on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. You can read more from Johann in his newly published book: Agile, A Manager’s Guide to Unlocking Business Value. Johann’s work with his clients is emphasizing the importance of value to the consumer more and more.

You can watch the episode below, and ask follow up questions to our panel using the hashtag ‘ITSMCrowd‘ on twitter. More information about VeriSM is available at the official VeriSM website, and you can also learn more via our online VeriSM training.

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