ITSM Crowd 53 Gamification and Self Service

March 18, 2019

Should you gamify your support? How can self-service affect the user experience? In this ITSM Crowd episode, we were joined by Sanjeev NC and Martin McKenna to discuss the evolving world of IT support.

Gamification and self-service are being discussed a lot in IT support, and are often seen as the future and the next big thing. Self-service can offer a better user experience while decreasing support staff costs. But is it all as easy as it seems? Industry experts Sanjeev NC (Freshworks) and Martin McKenna (IT500) shared their experiences.

Firstly it's important to define what it is we mean by these terms. Sanjeev explained how gamification evolved in the gaming industry, and is an approach to human centred design - not just badges and leaderboards. Martin explained how self-service allows users to resolve their own problems, but its popularity might be down to IT support teams closing all of the other routes into IT.

Both Martin and Sanjeev agreed that their top tips for gamification and self-service relate to being clear about exactly what your users want. Before implementing anything, speak to your users, find out how they behave, and how you can best serve them. For some extra resources, we also discussed Happy Signals data and swarming, described in articles by Jon Hall. Martin referenced KCS to get knowledge in order before starting any kind of support change, and you can see more of Sanjeev's tips for self-service in this video.

You can watch the episode below, and ask follow up questions to our panel using the hashtag 'ITSMCrowd' on twitter.

Coming up next on the ITSM Crowd, we're discussing VeriSM and other frameworks, including ITIL 4 and budgeting and procurement in an agile world. Join us on April 4th at 16.30 UK time - see you soon!

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