ITSM Crowd 51 – Trends for 2019

The ITSM Crowd hangouts from ITSM Zone

Where should you focus your iTSM energies in 2019? We discussed global trends with our panel to help you decide.

In 2018, there were 11 ITSM Crowd episodes. We covered:

  • SIAM
  • Agile (and whether it’s working)
  • HumanOps
  • Automation
  • ITIL
  • Enterprise service management
  • Cloud
  • Business Analysis
  • VeriSM
  • AIOps
  • Mentoring

A lot of topics and a lot to concentrate on! So what will the hot trends be for 2019?

We gathered a panel from around the world and held two sessions to cover as many time zones as we could. Our guests were Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Simon Dorst, Basab Nandi, Nicklas Fredriksson, Andrea Kis, Daniel Breston, Steve Morgan, Suresh GP, Simone Moore and Ryan Ogilvie.

Together, we had expertise from Australia, India, Brazil, Europe, Asia and North America – plus a range of speciality areas from IT operating models to SIAM and digital transformation.

What’s hot, and what’s not?​​​ We ended up with a longer list than our 2018 agenda…but there were some common themes from around the world. Both Basab and Nicklas reported in India and Brazil that increasingly mobile and connected citizens are driving changes in service management. This is leading to an increase in cyber crime and an associated jump in interest in cyber security.

The full list was:

  • IT as a trusted advisor/business partner/BRM
  • Mental health and IT
  • Transformation vs. optimization
  • Economic pressures leading to a renewed focus on value/quality
  • Agile/DevOps
  • ITSM in education and universities (great news!)
  • Digital transformation and the connected world
  • VeriSM
  • ITIL 4 (although we did discuss if this can actually be a trend if it’s not live yet?)
  • Security and governance
  • Enterprise service management, digital service management
  • Best practice confusion/increasing number of standards/frameworks/methodologies
  • Automation/artificial intelligence/from an ITSM perspective using technology to be more proactive

Confused? We figure if you start with value and quality then the rest will become clearer! What do you need in your toolbox to deliver results? You can also check out our free downloads for quick introduction to many areas of service management.

You can watch the episodes below, and ask follow up questions to our panel using the hashtag ‘ITSMCrowd‘ on twitter.


A date for your diary: Feb 18th at 4pm UK time, we’re digging into the ITIL 4 content with author Stuart Rance and consultant Doug Tedder. See you then!

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